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Rides with the best prelaunch section


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Of course, the strong point of a launched coaster is the launch itself. While there are coasters that simply launch you out of the station, there are some others that put a lot more effort in building up the tension/round up the experience by making the train go through a prelaunch section.

Do you think they are worth it? What is your favourite one? Also, a side question: are rolling launches better than those from standstill?


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Most launch coasters do launch out of the station, but there are a few that don't. Blue Fire is the only launch coaster that i have ridden with any significant prelaunch section and i do think it is good. Tbh i don't really care if the ride has a prelaunch section or not, the only thing that matters to me is if the coaster is good.

Rolling launches are good because your just moving forward slowly and then suddenly you launch and the moving forward creates good tension. Standing launches tend to be more intense but i would not say i prefer either.


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I havent really been on many coaster with a prelaunch, Rock'n'Rollercoasters is the first that comes to mind with the road sign above the tunnel and the music playing prior to the launch. The only other one that comes to my mind is Storm Runner, which I like the launch of but the pre-launch doesnt really do anything special.

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Revenge Of The Mummy is Defeintly the best pre-launch section. May not have the best lauch, but certainly has a good build up to a thrilling launch.


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From those I have ridden bluefire takes the cake (fairly long, well-themed and effects are nice) although Baco (when everything is working) is quite nice.

From those I have not been on: Superman Escape looks really impressive and so does Revenge of the Mummy and Fluch (although that one is a bit slow and the German detracts from the experience)...

About the launch type, for some reason I kind of like Gerstlauer's rolling launches: it's funny to see the car speeding up and then "wham"!


Superman Escape has an excellent pre-launch section and the themeing really added to the experience - the rest of the ride is also fab - it's still my joint top coaster along with Blue Fire :)


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Maverick.. the way it USED to be.. not this bland tunnel full of ass.


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I know it's only short, but I enjoy the pre launch section on The Incredible Hulk, and in this I include the queue. It basically hypes up the experiment and what they're going to be testing this time and what it's going to do and oh **** it goes wrong weeeeeeeeeee!


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I'll echo what Lucy said and also say Superman Escape.
The pre-launch section really is fantastic and builds up the storyline of the ride excellently.


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Ok I've only been on two coasters with a proper pre-launch section; Blue Fire and Furius Baco. And out of those two Furius Baco is the obvious choice! Not only is the launch a lot better but the theming with the monkey, the doors closing behind you and the video are really cool!

Regarding the stand still vs rolling launches I dont't really know since the only coaster with a rolling launch I have been on is iSpeed wich has a crap launch anyway, so I can't compare :p

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"I think, I think its going to work this time....." :lol:

Revenge of the Mummy for me, its the only good thing at Universal.


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^Ohh did you not like Universal much then? Last time I visited was the first time I realised how many 'sit in front of a screen' attractions there are in the place. Hopefully the Potter/Transformers/whatever expansion will yield something a bit different ;]


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Nothing can go wrong with TTDs pre launch. All of the tension building up with the revs of the engine noises. The dragster lights on the top hat and the in the stop lights just taunt you as to when they are going to start their countdown!!!