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Rides with misleading names...

Chris Brown

Mr CoasterForce 2016
Browsing RCDB I do love finding stupidly inappropriate names for creds, whether that be names exaggerating the intensity of the ride or just being downright misleading or over extravagant.

A few examples;

Lightning Train @ Pyeonghwa Land
'Wow lightning train? This is going to be lightning fast!'

Racing Coaster @ Trampoline Tier
'Cant wait to get on Racing Coaster, it must race around the layout!'

Incredible Spinning Roller Coaster @ Pizza Company
'Cant wait to get on this INCREDIBLE coaster!'

Hopefully you get the point... Fire away!


Giga Poster
I'd like to call this the "Flamingoland award"

Flip Flop is a thrilling flat ride
Mumbo Jumbo is a multi-inverter with an over-vertical drop
Meanwhile, Zooom is a slow inverted kiddie coaster


Donkey in a hat
The Parrot Coaster.
Sounds like some sort of kiddie cred you might find at 'Big Al's World of Birds' or sumat.


Mountain monkey
Staff member
Supersonic Odyssey. It's not that fast, and it's not that long. It does meander a lot, though.

Edward M

Strata Poster
The Incredible Spinning Coaster at Incredible Pizza Company is actually the closest coaster to my home. I must say, that place is incredible.


Giga Poster
Saw: The Ride has a complete lack of saws, hammers or any DIY construction tools.
Swarm has no bees, locusts or ladybirds with STIs.
Speed: No Limits has a top speed of 59mph. The motorway has a higher limit than this.
Death Train in Oman has had no reported fatalities.

Pink Cadillac

Giga Poster
Magic Mountain at Gardaland, a Vekoma Multi-looper, sounds like it was named by the park owner's 5 year old daughter. Though they put VR on it and it's now called Shaman!
Next door is Sequoia Adventure, which sounds like the most wonderful, tranquil, and enlightening experience out there!
And don't get me started on G force at Drayton Manor.


Roller Poster
Goliath at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, only being the 5th tallest coaster at the park, the same doesn't make too much sense.


Strata Poster
Mercury's Mini Coaster. The Romans didn't have coasters
Maybe it's themed to a chemical element. You never know, perhaps the guys at Twinlakes Park are nostalgic fans of the old Mercury filled thermometers. ;)