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Re: USALive 2013 - Cedar Point - May 12th


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We rode a grand total of 2 things each.

Corkscrew, Blue streak, Wicked Twister, Woodstock Express, and maXair were the only things open in the entire park. And the train.

MilF valleyed, as did Maverick (so they say, I could be wrong), and gatekeeper never opened. Overall, wasted day. My friend Sarah is going to write a complaint letter for a full/partial refund, or anything. It was sad, quite truly the worst CF live to date, and nothing we did to make it so bad.

Maverick being pulled through (This was posted on the CF facebook page):

MilF being stalled:


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We had the same at the Saw live so know how you feel, only we were not weather effected just Thorpe :(

Not good at all.


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Leaving CP as I write this.

Got 5 creds! Woodstock Express was first, then Blue Streak, then Corkscrew. Cedar Creek opened later and I rode it, as did Mean Streak.

GateKeeper is my least favorite coaster just because it's so dang purdy and I couldn't ride it. :p

Have a ton of stills and footage to post when I get home.

Finally, we spoke with customer service on our way out. They gave us 50% off coupons for the next time.

Overall, I'm disa-Cedar Point-ed that we didn't get to hit the big five but hopefully we can do more when we come back later this summer.


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Only 50% off? I'd be expecting full refunds if the bulk of the feature rides were down.


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As sad as I am not to have seen my loves today, that looks like a terrible day at the park! I hope to see you all when we can actually ride some creds ;)


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I would've lost my mind. Especially since they are so active on social media and put NOTHING up about it on facebook. Just close the park at that point. You are going to piss more people off than anything by staying open..

Yes I know weather is unpredictable and you won't know what will happen til day of, but at least give out vouchers when people leave or SOMETHING. Did the park close early at all? I know at WoF when I worked there we had 2 days of early closure due to weather and complaints since nothing was open. It was two days in a season, but I know the company does it, or did it.


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2012Jarrett said:
I'm disa-Cedar Point-ed
I see what ya did there :p

Seriously only 50% off? Hell we get more than that over here for a lot less. Write a giant letter of complaint because I'd seriously be raging if I didn't at least get a refund or a free ticket to return.

Youngster Joey

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Damn that sucks. I'd write quite a long letter (or more realistically email) expressing my great displeasure for that experience. Might need to have a different live to rub the taste of this one out of our collective mouths.


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^My friend Sarah is doing that now. Also, they need to revise their restraint policy.

Due to rider restraint system requirements, guests of larger size may not be accommodated on some of our rides. This may apply, but not be limited to, men who exceed 6’2”, or those who exceed 225 pounds, have a 40” waistline or 52” chest or females who exceed 200 pounds or wear size 18 or larger. Each person has different body proportions so it is not possible to list exact size and weight.
I know I'm not exactly tiny, but before this year I was able to fit on anything just fine. I hadn't gained weight (In fact I've lost weight), and I couldn't get on Wicked Twister. Did they make things smaller?


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Yeah, those of you who couldn't go lucked out. What really disappointed me wasn't that we got spited by Gatekeeper, but because two rides valleyed and because of that, the park basically stopped trying. Multiple rides, like Gemini and Skyhawk, looked abandoned and some rides, like Cedar Creek Mine Ride and Iron Dragon (two inland coasters), were down for no reason whatsoever. Top Thrill Dragster, Raptor, and Gatekeeper are all understandable, but there's absolutely no reason for more than half the park to be closed.

Hands down the worst park experience of my life. Such a letdown.

As for Gatekeeper, I posted my off-ride thoughts in the Gatekeeper topic.


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Yeah I get **** happens but if I hauled my ass the 8ish hours (alone) to there for a day like this I'd have been peeved.

Interesting point about Wicked Twister...I noticed last year it was really tight, and I also am more or less the same size I've always been, in fact any bigger and I wouldn't have fit comfortably and I'm not big!

Sorry it was a pretty crap day.
.....Another CP live in summer?? ; )


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I've not done this before. Do I post my trip report here or on the trip report thread?

I know it was a bad experience but I did get a 50 percent off coupon for our next visit, and we do plan to go back this summer to take another crack at Gatekeeper.

To those of you that might be wondering what became of me after we left, we ended up eating at Famous Dave's on the marina and then returning to the park where I picked up creds from Blue Streak, Corkscrew, Mean Streak, and Cedar Creek Mine Ride.

I think I stuck around the latest, so if you didn't know, they opened most of the smaller rides back up (Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Mean Streak, Power Tower, ect.) but none of the big ones.


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To only get 50% off your next visit is disgusting.

Sucks to hear how awful your day was - the wind speed in Sandusky is TOO DAMN HIGH! And seeing rides like Maverick and MilF valley to me is just surreal and hard to imagine - the winds must have been gale force for something like that to happen.

I struggled to fit in Wicked Twister and I'm just a tall pencil - I guess the restraints just aren't ever generous to anybody of any size.


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USALive 2013 "Cedar disapPointed" - Trip Reports

Right, I've split the other topic as we do have a "pre and "post" system.

I've also given the Live an official title, in honor of 2012Jarrett's fantastic pun :)

Usually the topics start with some drivel like "hope you had a great time, put you r reports in here..."

So yeah, "hope you had a great time" ;)


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2012Jarrett said:
I know it was a bad experience but I did get a 50 percent off coupon for our next visit
You can get more than that off from a coupon on a **** bottle of Coke!

I'd have been raging to guest services if I were there. :/