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Ravensburger Spieleland to add SBF Hamster Wheel coaster for 2021


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Ravensburger Spieleland in south Germany, near Lake Konstanz, will be opening in 2021 a 90m long SBF Visa spinning coaster with 2 of those Hamster Wheel cars that were shown off at IAAPA last year.

Certainly will be a bizarre and unique attraction for the park's first ever coaster. Intrigued to try it out next year then. ?



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Wow, TIL that the board game and puzzle company Ravensburger have their own theme park. Could be quite an interesting place to pop into if ever in the area, not sure I really want to give the hamster wheel coaster a go, looks quite nauseating.


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POV from the Hamster wheel and spinning car, also some off ride shots:

While the Hamster wheel looks uncomfortable I think it's a great way for a small park to draw in more guests, advertising they have a coaster where you have an option to go "upside-down" or spin makes it a good way for parks to get both a family and thrill attraction in 1.


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Tested the ride last week (thanks for sharing my video by the way).
The spinning cars were quite disappointing, even for a SBF Spinner. Almost no spinning with a fully loaded car. Nevertheless, with it being the Parks first real roller coaster, it’s definitely perfect for the small kids that the park has as target audience.

The hamster wheel cars are definitely something special. You get some Hangtime and out of control feeling while spinning. But the turns aren’t banked enough so you bang your head a bit in the tunnel.
Overall, it’s a interesting concept and definitely something new, not really comparable with other coasters (4D Free Spins are more gentle). I am glad that I have tested it and prefer it over normal SBF Visa spinners. But they definitely need to improve the restraints. SLC Restraints are bad, but these are even worse. They are directly next to your head and you feel every slight movement from the train. With wider over-the-shoulder restraints or even lab bars or vest restraints, the ride experience would benefit drastically.
It isn’t to uncomfortable during the ride, but I would not like to experience more than 3 laps in a row with them.

Another funny fact is that like with the spinners, the ride ops need to turn each car in the station by hand, even the hamster wheels. Those cars are very hard to move in the correct position. On time when only one seat of one of the hamster wheels was loaded, the ride op was unable to push the wheel in the correct positions by himself and needed help by a park guest.
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