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Rate the Sig and Avatar - II


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Avy - 5/10 - Not a big horror movie fan.
Sig - 7/10 - Not a big horror movie fan still but it's put together beautifully.

Darren B

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Avatar 5/10 only because I have no idea what it is!
Signature 5/10 great photo ruined by a photoshopped bear.

I guess Glennderp likes bears.


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Avy: 7/10 - I don't care what it is, it's goofy, weird, and I like it!
Sig: 4/10 - I agree with Darren B that the bear face ruined it.

Speaking of goofy avatars, I thought it was time to change my avy (and sig) to something new.

Edward M

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Avatar- 9/10. Love it.
Sig- 7/10. Not crazy about the picture, but I find the whole generic coaster thing quite funny.
Thanks, I was going for lolwut. :lol:

6/10 As a goon, I find this hilarious. But try to crop it. I had to enlarge it to see what it said.
7/10 The first pic of Outlaw Run is stunning and I like what you did fitting all your faves.


Credit Whore 2016
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Avatar: 2/10 - sorry, it's just grotesque.
Sig: 5/10 - bit simple, but it's a coaster on CoasterForce sooo (Y)


Credit Whore 2016
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5/10 - can't see what it said, something Europe?
9/10 - looks fabulous

And if it's any consolation, the image is broken for me too, haha Furrrieeeeee, heeeeeeelp :lol: