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Rank Your Visited Cedar Fair Parks


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Just like the Six Flags topic...

  1. Cedar Point - Ok fine call me a fanboy if you must. It's my home park and spurred my enthusiasm. I hardly ever have bad experiences when I visit and it has any sort of ride type you could ask for.
  2. Kings Island - With a full time job and my own methods of transportation, I've been able to visit KI much more over the past few years and I still consider it a treat. Cedar Fair does a great job at keeping it and Cedar Point apples and oranges with a differing, but still great ride lineup.
  3. Canada's Wonderland - Well how did this end up so high on the list? *looks at rest of list* Oh...well it has Behemoth and Leviathan...and Vortex. Minebuster isn't awful. The flat ride selection is unmatched.
  4. Kings Dominion - It's almost the same story as above. They have I305, Dominator, and Volcano, but aside from the big three there's a whole lot of meh in an ugly setting.
  5. Knotts Berry Farm - Xcelerator and Silver Bullet are wonderful but wtf did they do between my two visits with building Sierra Sidewinder, Pony Express, and Coast Rider? Developing this park is challenging due to its location in the middle of Anaheim, but they really need an outstanding star attraction.
  6. Worlds of Fun - The Patriot and Prowler show. The rest of the park isn't bad, just a lot of meh.
  7. California's Great America - Sprawling, beautiful park, but goodness gracious their ride lineup is dire.
  8. Michigan's Adventure - I mean...yay Shivering Timbers? Can't expect much from MiA - it's a family focused park serving western and central Michigan. It's not meant to be a mega park and compete with Cedar Point and Six Flags Great America. The water park is pretty nice though.
  9. Dorney Park - I haven't been since '04 and there are a few reasons for that...one of them being that the park hasn't built anything to draw me back.
  10. Carowinds - Afterburn and their flying scooters. Every other attraction was garbage and it was a hot day and there is literally no shade in the park. I'm struggling to have any desire to go back to take a lap on Fury.

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I guess mine would go something like this?

Canada's Wonderland - Because of the two B&M's and Vortex <3 (also, lots of flats)
Kings Dominion - Because it was my "home away from home" home park for so many years

Carowinds - Because of Top Gun/Flight Deck/Afterwhatever + Fury <3
Valleyfair! - Oddly nice, Renegade and Wild Thing were fun and Steel Venom was a walk on all day

Cedar Point - Eh... Meh.... but it has Maverick and Wicked Twister
Worlds of Fun - Mehhhh... but Mamba and Cyclone Sam :D
Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom - ZzZzz
Kings Island - ZzZzz... but at least Diamondback ?
Knott's Berry Farm - ZzZzzzzzzzzzzz... but uh, Xcelerator? Even if it was closed my last visit.
Michigan's Adventure - lolol... Just, awful <3

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  1. Cedar Point - The park which began my coaster enthusiasm. It will always hold a place in my park as a result. I still think it has a great environment and incredible coaster lineup. Hopefully it holds up this summer (visited in 2012).
  2. Knott's Berry Farm - Loovvveee this place. Its coaster collection is a bit weak, but it makes up for that with some great dark rides, shows, and theming. It's the only Cedar Fair park I would call a theme park.
  3. Kings Island - Meh. I liked the areas around Vortex and Racer. The rest of the park is unmemorable mostly. Beast is amazing, but the rest of the park wasn't too great (visited in 2012).
  4. Kings Dominion - Meh. I remember it being quite unmemorable. Seemed a bit concrete and bland. Still, it has I305 and Volcano, which are decent. I imagine Twisted Timbers will really elevate this park (visited in 2011).
  5. Worlds of Fun - This was a perfectly fine tiny park near Kansas City. Prowler was quite good with Patriot and Mamba also having some quality. Also Cyclone Sam was amazing. Overall though, just bleh (visited in 2013).
  6. Carowinds - FURY, AFTERBURN, and nothing. One of the least interesting parks I've ever visited in terms of design. No shade, too small, poor placing.


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Kings Island - Really enjoy the Park and it has more shade and atmosphere then CP
Cedar Point - Some great coasters but not a lot of shade or atmosphere for me
Carowinds - Actually enjoyed my visit there on the Live, Hot as Hell but Fury is a solid ride and Afterburn was fantastic, especially getting to marathon it.
Canada's Wonderland - I like the park and Behemoth, Leviathan, are excellent, Vortex and Wild Beast (i like it sue me) are fun and the park has charm, but each visit i've had in the last few years for some reason I've found the park less and less enjoyable. Really Miss Skyrider.
California's Great America - The park had a great atmosphere and a great invert and a fun standup (RIP) and wild mouse, but I got spited by Goldstriker and overall the ride lineup in terms of coasters is a bunch of fine but not great rides. As they improve the coaster quality of the park i imagine it could be a good visit in the future.
Kings Dominion - Only had one visit to the park, but I recall really not enjoying my day and not really enjoying any of the coasters
Dorney Park - Not a great ride selection past Talon and Hydra and just didn't have a great day at the park as the only person i was with got sick super early and i was basically at the park by myself :/

Not Visited:

Worlds of Fun
Michigan's Adventure
Knott's Berry Farm


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Kings Island: Probably m favorite, but really a toss up. I've visited three times and still missing half the creds...
Cedar Point: Obviously it's infamous, but it's a lot of good rides, but minimal, i.e. Maverick, great rides
Knott's Berry Farm: A sentimental park for me. One of my first jobs, but there is no substance. Just family **** that is crammed in as they have zero space.
Worlds of Fun: Another sentimental as I worked there with an internship in college. Prowler and Patriot. Still desperate for a new coaster.
Carowinds: **** hole that I need to visit to get all the missing creds, not looking forward to it. At all.
California Great America: An RMC won't get me back there. **** this place.

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Welcome to my highly detailed Cedar Fair ranking list.

1) Cedar Point. I only have 6 creds from here.

Thank you for reading my highly detailed Cedar Fair ranking list.


Cedar Point: Home park, 3 coasters in Top 5. Meh Water park, good flats, awesome roller coasters!
Kings Island: 2 coasters in top 5, clean, cool theming for some rides.
Michigan's Adventure: Cute little park, only one stand-out ride and an ok Arrow Mouse and Corkscrew. The water park is quite good!
Dorney Park: Only been once, and I only rode the mouse. Not bad, but not great.
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1. Cedar Point- It's a decent, clean park, with a wide selection of flat rides and coasters. It's definite'y missing charm, but there's no denying it's a thrill seeker's paradise.
2. Canada's Wonderland- Wonderland definitely has the best atmosphere out of all the Cedar Fair parks. but besides the two major coasters, it's a cred run full of meh. The flats are great, they just need better coasters to complement the two B&Ms.
3. King's Island- This is where it really starts to get meh. It suffers from the opposite thing as Wonderland, really. It has a lot of decent coasters, but no true, outstanding star attraction. The atmosphere isn't that great but it wasn't as bad as I remembered it being on my preceding visits.
4. Carowinds- Picking from a barrel of crap now. The park has three really great coasters (Fury, Intimidator, Afterburn) but the atmosphere is gross and every time I have gone there it has been hard to enjoy because of the heat.
5. Kings Dominion- At least Carowinds HAS good rides. Kings Dominion has nothing good apart from the sub-standard I305, and the atmosphere it atrocious. I wasn't even sad when a storm closed the park before we could even get in inside back in 2015.
6. Worlds of Fun- A star attraction is definitely needed here. Prowler is fun, Patriot is good, but nothing stands out. I don't remember the atmosphere being too bad though.
7. Dorney- Another park full of meh and I remember it being kind of ugly, too.
8. Knotts Berry Farm- I don't even really know how to rank this because I literally had only two hours in the park and I was rushing around to get creds. It looked like an okay park I guess, but their one train operations didn't really impress me and their staff was just awful (hence why I only got two hours in the park instead of just over three). I'd like to give it another chance though.
9. Michigan's Adventure- Burn the park down, but put a fireproof wall around Shivering Timbers. It has a worse atmosphere than a trashy state fair, hardly any good rides, barely any flats, a small water park that was shut for no reason when we went, concrete that blinds your eyes, etc.


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1. Canada's Wonderland. Nice, clean BIG park with loads of coasters (2 of them amazing!) and flat rides. A lot of it is generic, cut n paste stuff but most of it was new to me at the time and I had a really nice day there.
2. Kings Dominion. Pretty good overall. 3 great coasters, plenty of fillers, decent operations, yeah... nice enough.
3. Knott's Berry Farm. Didn't like it. Was really crowded, 1 train ops on all the coasters, expensive food and parking. And the coasters weren't great either. Nah man. Rubbish.

That's my lot. For now.... ;)


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Only done four:

1) Cedar Point
Really liked the park, yeah, sure, it ain't the prettiest, but the selection of rides and coasters is amazing. If it was a little 'nicer' to look at, I'd probably be all over it.

2) Canada's Wonderland.
Really nice park, great selection of both coasters and flat rides. Really nicely maintained, too.

This is where it starts to go downhill.

3) Kings Island
Great setting, **** coasters and not many flat rides. There's something about this park that's just absolutely ****e?

4) Michigan's Adventure.
The glare from the concrete is the worst thing ever. The only redeeming feature is Shivering Timbers.


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1.) Cedar Point - Amazing lineup of rides. Coaster lover's paradise.
2.) Kings Island - Not a huge fan of the coasters here. Way too many mediocre ones. Nice park though.
3.) Valleyfair - Feels like an old Cedar Point in the present. I feel like this park is very overlooked.
4.) Michigan's Adventure - Red-headed step child of the chain for sure.


1. KINGS ISLAND has always been superior to Cedar Point, though with recent CP additions the gap is narrowing in overall line-up quality. Still a "anything CP does KI does better scenario, though".
[Huge gap]
2. Cedar Point
3. Knotts


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^ Can you elaborate on that one? Besides Raptor vs. Banshee (the former being better in my opinion), I don't see too many parallels between their coasters. Would be pretty unfair to compare something like Magnum to Diamondback, or Iron Dragon which is obviously a more family-oriented coaster to the Bat.

Cedar Point also has a dive machine, wingrider, RMC, floorless, and giga... All of which don't even have counterparts at Kings Island :p


I think it's definitely narrowed, but TTD and WT I barely count as coasters, Mystic Timbers, Banshee>Raptor, FoF > DT, and Diamondback easily strikes both the hyper and voluntarily the giga category (I think that's fair) easily defeats both early coaster over 200' at Cedar Point. (Well, except for the upcoming.) Rougarou is all wonky and weird since they made it floorless, it just feels wrong the who time, The Bat's violence is ABSURD + the Beast. I just like its layout hella better.


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Ehhh I can't really say you're wrong because it's an opinion but...

You're wrong :p

Nah in all serious though, your logic seems to be a little flawed. Dragster and Wicked Twister aren't coasters so let's discount them? And then comparing a B&M hyper to an Arrow hyper built many decades earlier? And you can't even compare it to Millennium Force, which isn't meant to me an airtime machine and therefore isn't even in the same category. Mystic Timbers will pale in comparison to Steel Vengeance. Beast is obviously in a category by itself so I'll give that one to Kings Island as well as the secretly fabulous Backlot coaster being better than any of Cedar Point's family creds. I prefer Raptor to Banshee but that's a fair comparison so you can have that one too, but then what about Gatekeeper, Valravn, etc? Yah Rougarou sucks. but it's still a coaster that Kings Island doesn't have.


I actually specifically avoided pitting Diamondback explicitly against Magnum, just that it was pretty much ticks the hyper and if we're head to heading MF well giga is now irrelevant because it's giga and not better.

MF was a statement of ambition and being the future and an artistic statement in its gorgeous layout. I'm just saying I think Diamondback is more fun.

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@Mack almost every opinion you have is the complete opposite of mine - you're the new Joey!

  1. Cedar Point - In terms of rides it has it all. Loved the atmosphere and the way everything was on top of each other at the front of the park. TTD and Raptor were great. Maverick is ****ing EPIC and even Millennium Force was better than expected. Maybe nothing top ten but the sheer volume of high quality rides speaks for itself. Then you have the beach area to chill. Yeah, a great park - so happy to finally have it under my belt.
  2. Kings Island - There are some really good (Beast, Mystic Timbers, Banshee), some really bad (Firehawk) and a lot of mediocre rides but I had a really good day here. It thought it had a nice kind of nostalgic feel to the park with the Bat and Vortex and even the Beast felt like it was something old and characterful in a way that slick new woodies just aren't.
  3. Kings Dominion - Eurgh. I'm putting it above the other two simply because of ride selection and because there's a cred where you get blasted out of a volcano. But the lack of vegetation was disgusting and I felt exhausted by the end of our visit. No park should feel like hard work.
  4. Dorney Park - I loved how clean and well cared for it was. The coasters' paint jobs were bright and sparkling. Hydra and Talon didn't do a great deal for me sadly.
  5. Knotts Berry Farm - **** off, as if they couldn't be bothered to be running half their coasters or their steam train. Boo. The staff couldn't even be bothered to give me 3D glasses for Iron Reef the first time so I had to ride it twice! And I don't even know where to begin with the cringe-worthy American Indian dance show. To be fair, I loved Silver Bullet and the Western area was gorgeous and the random museum was fab but I spent most of the day in a bit of a huff.


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I actually specifically avoided pitting Diamondback explicitly against Magnum, just that it was pretty much ticks the hyper and if we're head to heading MF well giga is now irrelevant because it's giga and not better.

MF was a statement of ambition and being the future and an artistic statement in its gorgeous layout. I'm just saying I think Diamondback is more fun.
I get it, and again, you're entitled to your opinion obviously, but there was no logic behind you saying that whatever Cedar Point does, Kings Island does better, when their ride lineups can't even really be compared. That's kind of what I was getting at. If you just said you preferred Kings Island's coasters to Cedar Point simply because they're more fun, then that would make more sense.


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1. Cedar Point - I mean, comeon.
2. Kings Island - Did you know this is the second most visited seasonal U.S. park next to Cedar Point? For good reason - arguably the first modern amusement park, Kings Island has a great ride lineup and further room for growth. Cedar Fair has helped tighten up the ride offerings, with emphasis on quality coasters.
3. Carowinds - Paramount really didn't give much to this park, and Cedar Fair has been building it up more and more. A number of gems, and well worth the visit.
4. Worlds of Fun - Cool concept of a park, yet definitely second fiddle for "big" park offerings vs. other parks.
5. Knott's - I am fortunate to have ridden all the coasters here. Land-locked is a big challenge, though some good rides.
6. Dorney - got 20 minutes to spare?