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Rank Togo’s operating and defunct roller coaster


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Alright it's a list topic, I'll bite.
I'd have (and like) to include Japan because of the ones I've done, well... they're all in Japan.

1. Fujiyama (Fuji Q) - Fun and unique feeling hyper that I prefer to a fair few boring B&Ms. The end section where the track goes completely off-kilter is surreal, vicious and amazing.
2. Bandit (Yomiuriland) - King of the Jet Coasters. Huge, terrainy fun and actually manages airtime. 'Wet Bandit' was a silly, ridiculous and hilarious concept that enhanced it even more.
3. Milky Way (Standup) (Greenland) - Standing airtime is amazing. Someone needs a modern attempt at this.
4. Ultra Twister Megaton (Greenland) - My ride, love em.
5. Ultra Twister (Nagashima Spa Land) - As above, don't like the park as much.
6. Milky Way (Sitdown) (Greenland) - Got racing and music on its side, bit of a laugh.
7. Momonga Standing and Loop Coaster (Yomiuriland) - Standup train is the better of the two. Boring layout, but still fun.
8. Hurricane - Screw & Loop Coaster (Himeji) - Surprisingly alright, amusing speed hill at the end.
9. Mega Coaster (Hamanako Pal Pal) - Significant and fun, but a bit on the rough side.
10. Jungle Coaster (Enakyo Wonderland) - Feels sketchy and hangs off the side of a cliff.
11. Clipper (Space World) - Small but a unique layout.
12. Flounder's Flying Fish Coaster (DisneySea) - Looks decent and has waving staff, otherwise its a Vekoma Junior.
13. Cycle Coaster (Enakyo Wonderland) - Feels a bit dirty counting it, interesting but not good.
14. Jet Coaster (Nagashima Spa Land) - Only rode it on the first visit when I absolutely hated the place, as far as I remember it was a disgrace to the name of Jet Coasters anyway.


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1: Fujiyama - Fuji Q
2: Surf Coaster Leviathan - Sea Paradise
3: Bandit - Yomiuriland
4: Ultra Twister - Nagashima Spa Land
5: Momnga Standning and Loop Coaster - Yomiuriland

Then in no real order:

6: Roller Coaster - Hanayashiki Amusement Park
7: Flouder's Flying Fish Coaster - Tokyo DisneySea
8: Cyclone - Toshimaen
9: Jet Coaster - Nagashima Spa Land
10: Hurricane - Screw and Loop Coaster


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1. Ultra Twister - Rusutsu Resort - Top spot by a long way actually! Just an amazing ride!
2. Ultra Twister - Nagashima Spa Land
3. Fujiyama - Fuji-Q Highland
4. Surf Coaster - Sea Paradise
5. Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster - Tokyo Disney Resort - Tokyo DisneySea
6. Go Go Sneaker - Rusutsu Resort
7. Shockwave - Kings Dominion
8. Manhattan Express - New York, New York Hotel & Casino


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Americans be like:

1. Manhattan Express - New York, New York


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Same here! Just wish it was faster going up to the top. The reversing, lift hill transfer, and lift hill itself really need to be faster.

It really is quite amazing that a ride that old had a turntable, a tilt mechanism and a vertical lift. It still runs beautifully and I hope it does long into the future!

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