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Rank the Stand Ups

Edward M

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It's a dying breed of coaster as parks continue with their floorless conversions or just scrap them. So why not do a ranking topic on it?

  1. Georgia Scorcher - the only one of these I thoroughly enjoyed. Perfect amount of g-forces to not kill the legs but keep it exciting.
  2. Shockwave, Kings Dominion - I quite liked this actually. Airtime on a stand up? Hell ya.
  3. Green Lantern - Really did not have a good time with this one. A bit rough and my legs were killing me.
  4. Mantis- 13 year old me did not know how to properly position himself in the seat. Did not go well.


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I've done five.

1. Riddler's Revenge, Six Flags Magic Mountain - DUH?
2. Mantis, Cedar Point - Not as good.
3. Vortex, California's Great America/Vortex, Carowinds/Shockwave, Drayton Manor - All total ****e.

Not a terribly inspiring series of coasters, is it?


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Ughhh, these are my least favorite model. None of them are good.

1. Georgia Schorcher - Not incredibly uncomfortable. Has some decent turns so I guess it takes the top spot.
2. Green Lantern - Like Scorcher, this doesn't try to kill you but it also doesn't do anything interesting.
3. Mantis - My first one, did a number on my legs.
4. Vortex - **** this ride.


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1. Riddler's Revenge. Quite good I thought. Definitely helped by the sheer size of the thing.
2. Green Lantern. Another biggun. Yeah, pretty decent.
3. Shockwave, Drayton Manor. Ok-ish.

4. Skyrider, Canada's Wonderland. Turd.
5. Shockwave, KD. Slightly more turd.


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What’s annoying about these coasters is getting in the right “standing” position so the blood doesn’t rush to your legs too painfully during high positive Gs. I always try and bend my knees a fair bit but it doesn’t work for every coaster or even every single ride on the same one.

1. Riddler’s Revenge - Used to love this coaster. Not as much last time. Still the best one.
2. Georgia Schorcher - Kinda has a nice flow to it.
3. Green Lantern - I really liked at least one ride on this one
4. Shockwave (Drayton Manor) - Used to hate it, but I sort of enjoyed last time.
5. Vortex (Carowinds) - I thought it was gonna be awful but it was quite inoffensive

LAST: Vortex (CGA), Cobra, Shockwave (KD), Freestyle - These are/were all garbage. I’m glad 3/4 of them are either gone or are no longer a stand-up.

Chris Coasters

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I've done 5 and don't really care to do any more but here's the list.

1. Georgia Scorcher - SFOG - Easily takes the top spot. Same concept is applied to standups as is applied to vekomas. I go in expecting the worst experience possible and GS wasn't honestly too bad.
2. Green Lantern - SFGADV -A long with Mantis this is the only standup I've been on more than once. First time I rode it I didn't have any issues with it and then I went back and remember not having a very good time with it.
3. Mantis - CP - Similar story to Green Lantern but I like it a little less.
4. Vortex - Carowinds - Awful experience.
5. Shockwave - Kings Dominion - One of the worst coasters overall that I've been on. Happy it's gone.


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1) Mantis - Didn't find it all that terrible. Wasn't rough, it was just the whole leg thing. Very middle-of-the-pack.
2) Apocalypse - I think I have this literally one space under Mantis. Again, not a terrible ride. Fairly decent theming for a Six Flags park. The only real thing that put it under is that the layout isn't as interesting. But for a company's first ride, they knocked it out of the park.


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1. Milky Way - Airtime. All of these need airtime.
2. Momonga Standing and Loop Coaster - Yes. Togo are the kings.

3 & 4 Shockwave and Riddler's. Don't care. One is dumb, the other hurt.

Think that's it.

Alex B

Your allowed to your opinion but I think green lantern turned my legs to jelly and Ik it’s unavoidable but that and the insanely bad rattle=total ****


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Yeah, definitely not a coaster type that was loved...

  1. Georgia Scorcher - Had B&M produced more layouts like Scorcher - layouts that focused on twists and airtime instead of inversions - we might have a few more stand ups today.
  2. Mantis - Certainly not a bad ride. It was pretty intense, but most of the B&M stand ups lose points for having cookie cutter layouts.
  3. Skyrider - As HeartlineCoaster said...airtime on a stand up and it's great.
  4. Vortex - I don't hate this ride like seemingly everybody does. It has a solid layout and is pretty forceful. It's a good candidate for a floorless conversion.
  5. Iron Wolf/Apocalypse - Eh.
  6. Riddler's Revenge - I rode it once way back in '05. Had to wait 90 minutes and ended up on a square wheel. It sucked, and I couldn't get a reride two summers ago because it was closed for Battle for Metropolis construction.
  7. Shockwave - Good riddance.


1. Georgia Scorcher
2. Vortex (Carowinds)

Neither of them are bad rides, in my eyes; I genuinely enjoyed both of them, and I'd happily ride either one again!

Youngster Joey

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Skyrider: what does it say that i think a Togo is the best standup I've ever ridden. Perfectly smooth, totally comfortable transitions and legitamately enjoyable airtime. I still think i might prefer this to Canuck Mc**** that's their now
Patriot: thought this ride was seriously underrated and kinda wish it was still a standup not a floorless
Green Lantern: Quite the intense ride but i enjoyed it
Mantis: Thought the ride was fun again it's fine as a floor less but didn't have a problem with the standup version
Firebird: The OG and the coaster i still thought was the best at the ****hole known as SFA


I've done 11 and they are mostly a one and done so cannot recall much detail any more. The focus was often just making sure I was comfortable in the weird restraints.

From what I remember, these are my best to worse with the ones I don't remember in the middle as they cant have offended me too much:

1. Milky Way (Togo/Greenland) - No Inversions, duels with another ride, air time with bouncy restraints, a little but cute - a genuinely enjoyable ride and not because its obscure.

2. Shockwave (Intamin/Drayton Manor) - The first stand up I rode and very early in my coaster history. Has held up over time but (somewhat thankfully) rarely visit the park. Not a great station or queue. Always loved the zero G and find it a shame that element wasn't used on other stand ups. A bit short but longer rides leave you clenching for too long.

3. Shockwave (Togo/Kings Dominion) I was pleased with how 'ok' this was, may even have cracked a smile.

4. Georgia Scorcher (B&M/Over Georgia) Was in the way of Goliath so wasn't that interested but was fine.
4. Green Lantern (B&M/Great Adventure) Didn't ride as Chang and don't see what all the fan boy fuss was about, but was fine.
4. Standing Coaster (Togo/Rusutsu Resort) Love the lift through the loop but barley remember the ride.
4. Cobra (Intamin/La Ronde) No idea, at least I got on but was a credit heavy day in a park I wasn't entirely keen on so didn't linger in case I had to go back.

5. Riddlers Revenge (B&M/Magic Mountain) Not a fan but would ride again. A better restraint than some others is my clearest memory.

6. Skyrider (Togo/Canadas Wonderland) I have a note from a long time ago saying I wasn't into this one - don't remember why this was so interesting to see what other people thought and that I liked Kings Dominion. Maybe I was wrong, or maybe its just that Behemoth had become my favorite ride at the time and the park had nothing else that close. Better than the woodies there I guess

7. Vortex (B&M/Carowinds) No interest riding on my second visit and my friend was happy about that.
7. Iron Wolf (B&M/Great America) Very happy to ride B&Ms first work but otherwise, no.

Didn't ride Mantis before it was converted to Floorless. Very disappointed in that as it was heavily featured on the first Roller Coaster program I ever saw and binged watched. If anyone has a clip of "Extreme Machines - Roller Coaster" I would shed a tear in joy. Although Rougarau's main greatness was being in a swamp so perhaps I didn't miss out.


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1: Riddler's Revenge. I liked it. I dont recall having much negative and actually liked it
2: Georgia Scorcher. Also liked it, not as much. It wasn't anything great, but it had some force but didnt totally wreck my legs and balls, and didn't really headbang me
3: Mantis. Eh, was OK. Starting to get a little painful on the head.
4: Green Lantern. This thing sucked. All the usual here: rough, hurt legs, didnt seem real forceful
5: Vortex (Carowinds) This thing really sucked. REALLY rough, hurt legs and yes was lame on top of it.
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1. Riddler's Revenge - Six Flags Magic Mountain
2. Green Lantern - Six Flags Great Adventure
3. Apocalypse - Six Flags America
4. SkyRider - Canada's Wonderland
5. Mantis - Cedar Point
6. Shockwave - Kings Dominion


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This thing deserves recognition so here's an update:

1. Freestyle @ Cavallino Matto - Proper standing + proper airtime = terrifying and amazing.
2. Milky Way @ Greenland - Airtime. All of these need airtime.
3. Momonga Standing and Loop Coaster @ Yomiuiriland - Yes. Togo are the kings.

4. Riddler's Revenge @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
5. Shockwave @ Drayton Manor
6. Vortex @ Carowinds - oh and these are new too
7. Green Lantern @ Six Flags Great Adventure - but they're awful


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1. Riddler’s Revenge
2. Georgia Scorcher
3. Chang
4. Mantis
5. The one at Carowinds
6. Iron Wolf
7. The one that was at Canada’s Wonderland (drawing a blank on the name)
8. Shockwave (Kings Dominion)
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Eight of them for me:
  1. Mantis - Cedar Point: I really like the layout on this one.
  2. Riddler's Revenge - Magic Mountain
  3. Green Lantern - Great Adventure
  4. Shockwave - Drayton Manor
  5. Standing Coaster - Rusutsu Resort
  6. Shockwave - Kings Dominion
  7. Vortex - Carowinds
  8. Iron Wolf - California's Great America