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Rank the Soquets


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Everyone loves ranking once in a while, so why not delve into obscurity and rank the coasters you've ridden from everyone's favourite French manufacturer?

1. Gaz Express, Parc Bagatelle - Pretty close between this and Odin, but the fire and water effects clinch it.
2. Fort d'Odin, Parc du Bocasse - The enclosed helix is pretty fab
3. 1066, Festyland - Starts of strong with a great drop, but dies away towards the end
4. Spirales des Dune, Parc Bagatalle - The airtime hill is hilarious
5. Furio, Dennlys Parc - It's alright for what it is
6. Drakkar Express, Festyland - This cred somehow slows down as it goes down a hill. How?!
7. Dragon Chinois, Jardin d'Acclimatation - This is more lift hill than coaster. Yawn


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Think I've only ever been on 2, and they were both about a month ago. Can't remember the name of either of them. ?

1. The one at Frass-per-twiss City. Small mine train type coaster. Nothing special but nice theming and in a lovely park.

2. The one at Legendia. Unpainted, bit ropey and potentially operated by a dude from a nearby hot dog stand.


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Yay, I love a good list topic.

1. Grand Canyon, Fraispertuis City: Funky banking, strange pacing and a weird extension a few years after opening - what's not to love? Turns out, most of it. It's rubbish.



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1. Azteka @ Parc Le Pal - Unnecessarily vicious and full of character.
2. Gaz Express @ Bagatelle - Probably the actual best for the fire and stuff.
3. Train de Mine @ Parc Bocasse - Might be confusing the two but I seem to remember this one had a bit more going for it (even more so now it's themed) than
4. Furio @ Dennlys - Worst coaster in the world circa 2013 how? So inoffensive.
5. Diabelska Pętla @ Legendia - Eh, loops and right turns.
6. Spirale des Dunes @ Bagatelle - Small.


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Grand Canyon at Fraispertuis and Drakkar at Didiland are both fab family coasters.

Nothing else sticks out in my mind as strongly.

Nicky Borrill

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2. The one at Legendia. Unpainted, bit ropey and potentially operated by a dude from a nearby hot dog stand.

The IRON WOLF... ???

“ Do you have the speed, the strength, the heart to be a winner? It's not for beginners.
Deep down in your soul. Are you a Gladiator?”

Man I used to love that coaster... It was soooo good to get back on it after all these years ?

Also, I swear the facade that used to be in front of it is where Phantasialand learned their ‘wall skills.’

Edit: Back on topic... That’s my number one socky... It’s my only Soquet (I think)