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Rank the coasters you've done that go backwards

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It took far too long to hit 10 of these things.

Ideally, the coaster should go backwards for a significant portion of the layout (to stop stuff like Toutatis dominating when its only backwards bit is a very short swing launch section). What you consider to be 'significant' is up to you but I won't stop you from adding a ride that just has 'a' backwards bit.

10) Accelerator, Drayton Manor
Really not that special, and could have had a better introduction to family boomerangs, Accelerator definitely has its flaws mainly in the backwards portion being pretty slow and underwhelming compared to the forwards bit. There's a pattern with the Vekoma family boomerangs having their backwards portion being the worst part, and Accelerator is especially a victim of this.

9) Speed of Sound, Walibi Holland
This was bad. A combination of broken audio and rattle made this ride horrible from the word go. While I'm generally a vest defender when the ride is positives-centric, and they do eliminate headbanging, the lack of movement causes an immensely terrible experience when the ride rattles. "Best boomerang in the world" my arse, it just has some bare-essentials "theming", techno music and nothing else going for it. The forwards bit was awful, the backwards loop was terrible, and the backwards cobra roll was a low point of my entire Walibi Holland trip. By far the worst thrill coaster at the park.

8) Mandrill Mayhem, Chessington World of Adventures
Immediately diving into controversy, Mandrill Mayhem was a supremely disappointing ride for me in most senses. Ironically the backwards launch at the beginning of the ride was by far my favourite part, but when it comes back through the station is where the ride pretty significantly drops in quality gaining an uncomfortable rattle throughout. The spiral spike is weird and gimmicky in a bad way, and the reverse section is just sad with the way it bounces, with an especially jarring bit right in the entry to the backwards roll. A ride that I wished I liked more, but falls short on most fronts.

7) Velociraptor, Paultons Park
The second family boomerang and I'm already running out of things to say, this is a decently fun and decently themed ride for what it is and keeps its speed much better than Accelerator.

6) Saven, Farup Sommerland

The third family boomerang warrants even less to say, but had quite the more fun layout with more variance in its elements.

5) Wipeout, Pleasurewood Hills

While not safe from the deadly backwards cobra roll and a slight rattle, this one was generally riding better than Speed of Sound but that's about the highest praise I'll give it. I'll ride it on a return to Pleasurewood. But that would require time away from Cannonball Express and I'm not sure if Wipeout is special enough to justify losing some time on that enigma of a ride.

4) RC Racer, Walt Disney Studios Paris
Essentially a mini screamin' swing with shoulder restraints and roller coaster track, this ride was surprisingly fun on the backwards peaks but very short.

3) Luna, Liseberg
The fourth family boomerang being third place on a list of this kind speaks a lot on the quality of this list. Luna is the core definition of "it's better because it's bigger" which is something I don't often catch myself saying these days.

2) Th13teen, Alton Towers

While the first half of this ride can get in the bin, the second half shoves this ride so many spots up in the ranks. This backwards portion in the dark made the ride go from 'I really don't like this' to 'I understand why people like this ride'. Would like to experience backwards in the dark a bit more.

1) Revolution, Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Nothing like a backwards launch into one of the strongest airtime hills I've experienced before a massively intense loop. While unfortunate that I cannot handle doing this ride more than once at a time due to its intensity, I still love it to bits and ride it every time I visit the park. Front over back, and I don't know who doesn't prefer it that way!

It would be cool one day to ride a coaster that is all backwards, but I don't quite know where any of those are that are within reasonable reach!

Matt N

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I instinctively wouldn't have said that I'd done that many coasters that go backwards, but when I actually think about it, the number I've ridden is surprising...

As I'm unsure what I'd consider a "substantial" backwards section, I've just decided to incorporate every coaster I've ridden that goes backwards in some capacity.
  1. Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure - Universal's Islands of Adventure: Hagrid's is just sublime! It may not be the most intense coaster in the world or have any huge standout moments of thrill, but it's just so obscenely fun, and has me hitting the brake run in fits of joyous laughter every time! The ride has a really surprising sense of speed and surprisingly punchy launches, and in terms of the backwards section itself, it's just one of many awesome tricks that the ride has up its sleeves! Overall, I absolutely adore Hagrid's; it's an absolutely sublime family thrill coaster, in my view! 10/10, #4/111
  2. Ice Breaker - SeaWorld Orlando: Ice Breaker is a phenomenal little ride, in my view! The ride starts off with a bang with an awesomely fun swing launch encapsulating not one, but two backwards launches along with lots of airtime! The rest of the ride is also smooth, packed with surprisingly strong ejector airtime and overall, I just thought it was hugely fun and enjoyable! All in all, then, I think Ice Breaker is absolutely fantastic; it was definitely a huge positive surprise from my recent Florida trip, anyway! 10/10, #9/111
  3. Revenge of the Mummy - Universal Studios Florida: Revenge of the Mummy is just fantastic, in my opinion! The fire is absolutely obscene, the backwards section itself with the screen of scarab beetles is a fun touch, and there's also some surprising airtime and fun turns during the coaster itself! 9/10, #14/111
  4. Thirteen - Alton Towers: I must say that I've always had a big soft spot for Thirteen! The initial outdoor section is quite good fun, with a first drop that hits you with some really quite surprising airtime if you're sat towards the back of the train, some fun twists and turns, and some other mild pops of airtime. However, the ride's crown jewel comes after the second lift hill, in my opinion; that sequence with the drop track and backwards section are always such a laugh! Overall, I do like Thirteen, and I think it's a perfect example of where going backwards can really add to a coaster! 8/10, #28/111
  5. Expedition Everest - Disney's Animal Kingdom: Everest is a perfectly fun family coaster, with excellent theming and some good moments of mild speed and thrill, but I've always felt a little cold towards it. For me, it just lacks... something, and I can never quite put my finger on what. The switch track does ruin the flow slightly, in my opinion, and I don't think it feels quite as dynamic as some other family coasters I've ridden, but I don't know if it's either of those things. Nonetheless, I do still enjoy it, and I'll concede that the theming is incredibly impressive! 6/10, #46/111
  6. Accelerator - Drayton Manor: There isn't really an awful lot of difference between this coaster and the one below it, but I don't dislike these Vekoma Family Boomerangs. The forwards lap in particular packs some good speed and fun twists and turns, and although the backwards lap isn't my favourite, these Vekoma Family Boomerangs aren't bad little rides, in my view! 6/10, #51/111
  7. Velociraptor - Paultons Park: My opinion of this is very similar to my opinion of Accelerator, although from memory, I enjoyed Accelerator slightly more. 6/10, #52/111
  8. Cobra's Curse - Busch Gardens Tampa: Cobra's Curse isn't a bad coaster by any means, but it's not one I overly love either. The initial forwards and backwards sections don't really feel like they do an awful lot, in my view, with the backwards section in particular feeling a bit pointless. While the final spinning section is fun, with just the right amount of spinning for my taste, it is also quite short. Overall, Cobra's Curse isn't a bad coaster by any means, but it's nothing to write home about either, in my view. With that being said, the theming is incredible! 5/10, #57/111
  9. Revolution - Blackpool Pleasure Beach: To Revolution's credit, it has some absolutely incredible ejector airtime, and it has also held up incredibly well smoothness-wise for a coaster that's over 40 years old! However, I do find the backwards loop a little bit much intensity-wise, if I'm being honest, and that does mean that the ride isn't a favourite of mine overall. 5/10, #59/111
  10. Mandrill Mayhem - Chessington World of Adventures: I must say that I was somewhat disappointed by Mandrill Mayhem. To its credit, it starts off really well, with a really fun backwards launch and Jr Scorpion Tail and a surprisingly powerful launch through the station! However, the ride after that is slightly bland at best and quite uncomfortable at worst, in my honest opinion. The inversion is perfectly OK, as is the ascent up the helix, but the numerous turns look better than they ride and I wasn't a fan of the sideways hang at the top of the helix at all. The whole backwards lap felt a little awkwardly executed, in my view, and while not hideously rough by any means, the ride also had a surprising rattle for a brand new B&M coaster. 5/10, #61/111
  11. Atlantica SuperSplash - Europa Park: I was hoping that Atlantica might be an underdog, with some fun airtime and awesome speed, but it didn't really deliver on those hopes for me. The backwards section is very short and feels a bit pointless, and to be frank, I don't think the ride really gains anything from being a coaster. It just didn't do a lot for me, if I'm being honest. 4/10, #74/111
  12. RC Racer - Walt Disney Studios Park: I haven't ridden this since March 2011, so my memories are very vague, but I don't remember this being anything to write home about even back then. It was certainly my least favourite DLP coaster, anyhow. 4/10, #75/111
So overall, then, I'd probably say that I prefer my backwards sections to be in short bursts as part of a wider coaster as opposed to having going backwards be a major part of the ride.
1) Mandrill Mayhem, Chessington World of Adventures
I actually really enjoyed this ride, after my first couple rides I briefly ranked it higher than The Swarm however I suspect that was just the honeymoon phase of "Ooo, new shiny B&M". That aside, it's a pretty funky ride experience. Some of my favourite moments were the backwards launch, the pop of airtime after it and the Jr Scorpion Tail with my favourite being the second launch (back though the station). The inversion also had a fun amount of hangtime.

2) Th13teen, Alton Towers

In my opinion, Th13teen is a very good ride that's been slightly neutered with trims. Luckily, those trims don't stop the ride from being good fun and they don't have any effect on the best moment of the ride or the backwards section right after it. I enjoyed spiralling backwards out of the crypt in the dark more than I thought I would. I enjoyed Th13teen as a whole more than I thought I would too.

3) Velociraptor, Paultons Park

I really like these Vekoma family boomerangs, they always provide an enjoyable experience, are great for families as well as more adventurous riders and I think one could fit in well at just about any park. I think the setting and presentation of Velociraptor definitely help it's case here. The vibrant purple track and the vibrant greenery looks great and creates a nice atmosphere. It's also smooth and has some fun twists and turns. Nice job Vekoma.

4) Accelerator, Drayton Manor

Pretty much everything I said about Velociraptor also applies here. It's just that Accelerator does everything slightly worse with presentation probably taking the biggest hit. External presentation that is, Accelerator's indoor queueline is absolutely fantastic. Still a great ride, it's just I prefer Velociraptor marginally more.


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Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast. The backward launch is so punchy, and the positive Gs into and out of the top hat are awesome.

Batman the Ride during the 2013 season. It was fun, mainly disorientating.

Hagrids Magical Creature Motorbike Adventure

Expedition Everest.

Assorted Boomerangs.


Mega Poster
1. Hagrids - Islands Of Adventure
2. Cosmic Rewind - Epcot
3. Revenge Of The Mummy - Universal Studios
4. Ice Breaker - SeaWorld Orlando
5. Expedition Everest - Animal Kingdom
6. The Swarm (Brave it backwards) - Thorpe Park
7. Thirteen - Alton Towers
8. Tigris - Busch Gardens Tampa
9. Raik - Phantasialand
10. Cobra's Curse - Busch Gardens Tampa
11. Speed Of Sound - Walibi Holland
12. Accelerator - Drayton Manor
13. Revolution - Pleasure Beach
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I don't have a cred count spreadsheet to refer to so I may be missing some here but I'll go for:

1. Psyke Underground at Walibi Belgium.
2. Revolution at Blackpool Pleasure Beach
3. Thirteen at Alton Towers
4. Pegase Express at Parc Asterix
5. Raik at Phantasialand
6. Atlantica Supersplash at Europa Park
7. Accelerator at Drayton Manor
8. Speed of Sound at Walibi Holland
9. All other boomerang models


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Here's my ranking, maybe I'm forgetting some better ones, but these are the ones that come to my mind.

1. Superman: Escape from Krypton (SFMM)
2. Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure (UIOA)
3. X2 (SFMM)
4. Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind (Epcot)
5. Fury (Bobbejaanland)
6. Expedition Everest (AK)
7. Revenge Of The Mummy (US)
8. Th13teen (Alton Towers)
9. Ice Breaker (SWO)
10. Mandrill Mayhem (Chessington)


Giga Poster
Good topic idea, I'm going to stick with ones that go backwards for a significant portion of the ride (ie. not every swing launch coaster):

1) X2
2) Hagrid's MCMA
3) Fury
4) The Swarm*
5) Mandrill Mayhem
6) Big Grizzly Mountain
7) Superman Escape from Krypton
8) Stunt Fall
9) Irn Bru Revolution
10) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril*

* These ones go exclusively forwards nowadays, having tried both forwards and backwards I can confirm they both are better going forwards!


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◀️ Well this was an unexpected new column in my spreadsheet but I like it. Previous posts were very helpful filling it out and likely more to add so have included too much here for reference. Fraught with grey areas though.

  1. Hollywood Dream - Backdraft
  2. Fury (bobbyland when the backwards vote wins and overlooking the swing launch)
  3. Tonnerre 2 Zeus (the FREE rear backwards car is way better than any other seat)
  4. Swarm - Sting in its tail (2013)
  5. Superman: Escape from Krypton
  6. X:\ No Way Out (my genesis of rollercoasters and half of me wants this at number 1*)
  7. Euro Mir (its possible as it happened to a loud person complaining on the same train as me but I only clearly remember that, not which way I was facing)
* I have for many years chuckled at the dream of one day having a big apple coaster at my disposal - reverse the trains, put in a black out tent and call it "X:/ Worm your way out".

Batman the Ride during the 2013 season. It was fun, mainly disorientating.

That is something I really wanted to do but not surprised it didn't last long enough.


Mr Freeze when the first launch is backwards
Mr Freeze when the first launch is forwards
Switchback (Wooden at ZDT)
Impulse Coasters by Intamin
Giant Inverted Boomerang
Superman: Escape from Krypton
Shuttle Loops by Schwarzkopf
Light Explorers (Energylandia's Family Boomerang that travels a distance over water)
Shuttle Loops by Arrow
A few other family boomerangs
RC racers (lazy Disney but at least no cobra roll with optional head bash)
The only standard Boomerang I was genuinely and unironically or cred happy to see was La Via Volta, then when I saw it again called the Speed of Sound. I find the normal sized inverted ones ok but too awkward with face to face off seats.
Half Pipe Spinning by Intamin
Anything I've forgotten
Basic Boomerangs by Vekoma.


8. Eejanaika
Expedition Everest
Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars (HKDL)
The standard ultra twister model
Cobras Curse
Intamin Zac Spins

LSM Multi Pass

9. Toutatis
Capitol Bullet Train
Full Throttle
Ice Breaker

RCDB has 48 listed as LSM Multi passes


Revenge of the Mummy
Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind
FireChaser Express
Atlantica Supersplash
Pégase Express (best bit was the young Benedict cummerbund Cumberbatch lookalike ride op)


10. Ride To Happiness
Time Traveller (SDC)
Mission Ferrari
Batman Gotham City Escape
Winjas Fear (the first drop in the best 2 seats)
Slinky Dog Dash (see sub header)


DC Rivals
Rollbacks on something with a top hat, the taller the better
Soaring with Dragon
Mandrill Mayhem
Devil's Loop (has a backwards facing car at the end. Currently at Legendia and used to be at American Adventure)
Any random Senyo, Meisho or whatever odd coaster in Japan going backwards

Final thought, for Halloween Phantasialand should have FLYs trains face backwards.


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1. Stuntfall
2. Revolution
3. Revenge of the Mummy
4. Texas Tornado (Morecambe)
5. Expedition Everest
6. Missile (American Adventure)
7. Swarm
9. Thirteen
10. Accelerator

In a rather illegal and somewhat foolish move I did ride the Rollercoaster facing backwards in the days when it had no lap bar or restraint system in place. It wasn't the most comfortable thing I'd ever experienced, I ended up with a pain in my back from smashing into the grab rail.


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ha, I don't have a column for this in my spreadsheet. So this took a little bit of time; I *think* I caught everything...

Pulsar26Walibi Belgium
The Swarm29Thorpe Park
Th13teen40Alton Towers
Psyke Underground45Walibi Belgium
Pégase Express58Parc Asterix
Speed of Sound67Walibi Holland
X:\ No Way Out79Thorpe Park
Accelerator112Drayton Manor
Revolution122Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Saven123Fårup Sommerland
Velociraptor127Paultons Park
Boomerang 128Energylandia
Mandrill Mayhem133Chessington
Tonnerre 2 Zeus142Parc Asterix
Jolly Rancher Remix187Hersheypark
Boomerang 205Bellewaerde
Cobra207Walibi Belgium

I haven't included the likes of any coaster which has a swing launch per the rules, although have included coasters with swing launches where they basically don't have anything else. So, the likes of Toutatis and Storm - The Dragon Legend haven't been included, but Pulsar and Revolution have.