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I've got a few questions I would like answering please:
1. How many inversions does Space Mountain 2 have-2 or 3? If three, what is the tongue inversion that is stated when it is claimed to have 3. I take it that it is a cutback style element, hence the confusion?
2. What is the worlds longest log flume, and where is the AT flume rank now?
3. On turns, why do some supports face inwards, and some face outwards depending on the ride? I would have thought that in most cases, they should all face outwards on normal coasters and inwards on inverts, due to the train pushing or pulling the track due to the forces it generates being forced through the turn?


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Social Media Team
1. 3. And the tongue is a cutback. Same thing, different names.

2. **** knows.

3. Well, you thought wrong, didn't you?


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1. There are 3 inversions and the tongue is a cutback, like what you already said.

2. I think Silver River Flume at PortAventura is a bit longer than Altons, for the longest however: you'll have to search that for yourself. I'll try my best to help.

3. Clueless sorry :lol:

EDIT: According to Thrill network a lot of members are stating that Disney's Splash Mountain may possibly be the longest.