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Qatar, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China - COMPLETE


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Re: Thorpe Park and Florida

Next up are Happy Valley Shenzhen and Chimelong Paradise, but I didn't bother taking any photos at either so I need to wait for Ben to do them before I can continue. So, start pestering him to catch up :p.


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Re: Thorpe Park and Florida

Just spent an hour **** typing for the forum to **** die on me.

**** sake, y'all gonna have to wait til I get the motive to do that again, soz.


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Re: Thorpe Park and Florida

^ That's why I do most of my big posts like a trip report in Word. That also works if you accidently delete it all as well.

Otherwise nice trip report and I'll definatly head over there if I get enough money and can be bothered.


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Re: Thorpe Park and Florida

^Yeah, thanks, I have written a few of these before...

OK, Ocean Park

I liked Ocean Park. It's set over two sections, the rather bland lower part that has the pandas of win and nothing else, and the top part, connected by cable car and weird underground furnicular thing. The upper part is where all the rides are, and is also split into loads of different areas, with quite a walk between the two. The older sections are really amusement park-y, and a bit ghetto, and the newer sections are much nicer and more well themed.

The day started with this GROSS queue for the bus...

But, the buses were literally loaded and sent off instantly, to be replaced by another straight away, with a few loading points as well. Eat ****, Thorpe.

So then we rocked up at the park

Where we were met by our Top Model Challenge on the Cable Car

So you head up 'ere

There's the bottom section

You go up over 'ere

Mince along 'ere

The view is ammazing


When we got over, we went to the fab Arrow. I thought it was awesome, but, Jake wasn't a fan. For a Loop-Screw it just didn't stop, and it was really intense. I loved it 0_0

First Far East cred was walk-on <3

Look how fab it is xD

That's what I did at the weekend...

There's the fab view

The fab Mine Train with the fab hill

View of the council estates

The station was nicely themed in an amusement park way

The trains are a bit Th13teen <////3

The Log Flume that was MILES away down some Universal Hollywood-esque esculators was OK, but it was JUST fountains.

All the umbrellas were already getting old

The Rapids were ****, and we queued like an hour

Random FAB woman, and the spite

The weird Furnicular that goes through the mountain

See, it's miles away

The inside of the fabnicular


It was done by Sarner, who did Over the Tinas at Adventure Island, and the Doctor Who Experience. They're fab. This Asian girl ghost illusion is amazing






dawww, omfg, aww

Gold, Black and a Panda. And notice the shiner the GROSS cred in Doha, Qatar gave me :(


moar panda

just chillin'

That's it, spread 'em babe

They've got one of those things that DUMP Disneyland Paris has, but, this one was free. Still didn't bother.

Even Amanda would be here, flickin' her bean

And that's Ocean Park - next would be Disneyland!

Martyn B

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Re: Thorpe Park and Florida

Lol, as if a coaster actually gave you an eye like that! :lol:

So how many credz spited you in total?

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Re: Thorpe Park and Florida

How on earth did you like that arrow ****? It was so, so painful. Eurgh!

Did you do the colourful jellyfish exhibit, or the goldfish breeding?


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Re: Thorpe Park and Florida

By this point, 2 creds spited us - the B&M and the Mack Powered here. But, we KNEW they weren't gonna be done, and they're for next year, so, they weren't really spiteful. Like, at all.

The Arrow was amazinngggg. It didn't hurt at all. I'd say it was probably the best Arrow Loop-Screw thing I've ever done. Loves it <3 I actually wanted to do it again, but, the queue got vulgar.

Don't think we bothered with the Jellyfish, Jellyfish are gross. But, saw the fat goldfish. Wasn't... really that exciting Sue :p Kinda got some in the pond outside.


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Re: Thorpe Park and Florida

Nice Report, enjoying reading through this a lot. I hope it continues.

Ocean park looks quite nice, shame the new coaster wasn't open yet.

How long had you been planning this trip for?

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Re: Thorpe Park and Florida

That view...

Love how all these parks are just strange and peculiar in their own awesome way... Good stuff...


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Re: Thorpe Park and Florida

alexr said:
Nice Report, enjoying reading through this a lot. I hope it continues.

Ocean park looks quite nice, shame the new coaster wasn't open yet.

How long had you been planning this trip for?

Jake booked his tickets like, 10 months before we went? I booked mine in January.

In terms of actually planning though, we did it in like, a week, haha. Kept meaning to do it, and then it just didn't happen.

I'll get to Disney some point today hopefully. Been busy job hunting all week!


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Re: Thorpe Park and Florida

Is it just me or does the top of the Dive Loop/Immelman look a little demented?
Great PTR!


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Re: Thorpe Park and Florida

That is so amazing tacky <3 I love it.

Mosque Alarm Clocks
PMSL! I can picture them, with the dome as a bell. They would have been fab. I googled it and first result is: http://www.mosqueclock.com :lol: Anybody want to buy me one for Xmas?

Unless I missed it somewhere, how did the vulgar spinning coaster give you (Ben) a black eye?


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Re: Thorpe Park and Florida

^The Mosque Alarm Clock was one of the items they had to find on The Apprentice too, if I'm not mistaken. A green one <3


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Re: Thorpe Park and Florida

Right, we've decided that it would be better to merge our photos into one report now because our photos are so similar that it might be a bit samey. So, i'll just use the best ones from each of us.

After Hong Kong we moved over into the actual People's Republic of China. The border crossing was a lot smoother than we expected, but the difference between Hong Kong and the mainland does hit you like a truck to be honest. It's fine after a couple of hours, but the initial faff was burdenous.

Chimelong Paradise (and Chuanlord Manor, another random park near Chimelong with like, 9 creds) are in Guangzhou, and we were staying in Shenzhen (where most of the parks were), so we decided to get it over and done with first as a day trip.

Luckily, when we rocked up at the station in the morning we took our passports with us, cus the witch at the counter wouldn't have flogged us a ticket otherwise. The journey was about an hour and a half, in a fab bullet train, so we were fooled into thinking that Chinese trains were fab... more of that later though.

I think at some point in the journey Ben had to do a runner to the toilets due to an early Chinese stomach. Just thought I'd throw that in there.

So, Chimelong...
(Chimelong pics are all Bens because I CBA)

First we minced to the B&M Dive Machine with the innovative name 'Dive Coaster'


It was pretty much walk on at first, and they only had ONE train, so it did get a bit putrid later when we went to re-ride it.


This doesn't REALLY need reviewing, as it's basically Sheikra. It was fab though <3.

Love how the front is just empty... Chinese people are so weird.



After that we headed over to the other side of the park towards the Colossus Clone and the Booster Bike, stopping off for our Intamin Half Pipe cred on the way.


It was actually VILE. So uncomfortable, so painful, just UGH. The one in Finland wasn't anything special, but this one was actually offensive.


Next up was Colossus. Well, '10 Inversion Roller Coaster'.





Meh. It was better than Colossus, but only because it's not quite as old. It'll probably be disgusting in a few years too.

Next, Motorbike Launched Coaster!




It was awful. Velocity is actually better. It was just really rough and vulgar, which I didn't expect after riding the Intamin looper, which was in a fairly good condition.

Kiddie coaster <3


Love these...

The Final cred (I think...) was the Mack family coaster thing. It was pretty good actually, and had some amazing notices <3.



Such an Intamin...


Baboosh <3



As we needed to leave and get to Chuanlord, we only did one flat, the Giant Frisbee.


It was quite fab, but not as good as the huge Intamin Gyroswing we did in Shanghai. That'll come eventually...

We then rerode the Dive Machine and left.

Chuanlord up soon!


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Re: Thorpe Park and Florida

WTF is a baboosh?

And was Colossus, sorry, 10 Inversion Coaster, better than Colossus because it's not at Thorpe? Or lack of roughness? I recall Colossus being rough after three seasons so surely 10IC is the same?


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Re: Thorpe Park and Florida

^It's been a couple of years since I was there, but it was noticeably better than Colossus back then. I'd imagine they've deteriorated at a similar rate. It will be a bit worse now, but it will still always be a few years younger than Colossus.

Jake said:
It was awful. Velocity is actually better. It was just really rough and vulgar, which I didn't expect after riding the Intamin looper

Don't be too quick to blame the park. Toverland's booster bike, of which Chimelong's is a clone, is also absolutely dreadful. Velocity is loads better than both of them.