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Project Deity [B&M Giga Coaster RLRides]


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After Infinity I wanted to go delve back into a B&M. The recent announcement of Orion and my little obsession with Fury's layout has drawn me towards a Giga. It's been a tough one to get right, trying to balance a good variety of elements and that intense speed, while making it have a beautiful skyline and a track length that isn't unrealistically long. It's made me understand better just what B&M have had to do with their Giga designs, it's very much a delicate balance.

All the while trying to make it feel graceful and powerful with smooth transitions and that modern B&M shaping. After a good few months of tweaking and testing I have a layout I like! The project name Diety is to reflect the intimidating, powerful yet graceful and beautiful nature of the ride. I would like to think IRL this coaster would sit next to the existing 3 B&M gigas.

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Yaaay, I love your rides. Can't wait to see this one develop. :)