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Predictions for your future number 1 coaster?


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Any reason for thinking so? I just don't want to report it if it's not true, but I don't see why Duane would put it back up? Surely there'd be a reason?


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CookieCoasters said:
^ I think Thunder Dolphin is still SBNO

I couldn't swear to it, but i haven't heard anything about it reopening, but having looked, it does seem RCDB has it operating now, so maybe it has opened again


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I genuinely don't know if there's anything out there right now that could knock Boulder Dash off my #1 spot. That ride is still so far ahead of anything else I've ridden.

I hope one of these days I do find something to rival it, but right now it's still in a league of its own.

Edward M

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I really don't know. I would have thought early 2012 that El Toro would be my new favorite, wasnt. Same with Outlaw 2013. I don't know, I doubt any could beat Beast. Only one that might best it is Boulder Dash. Beast with Airtime and Mountains.


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El Toro, Nitro, Voyage, or Maverick are all possibilities within the next 3-ish years, or whatever Great America adds.


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Blue Fire is my number 2 after GeForce, so Project Helix could be a possible future number one for me.


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I can't really think of a coaster that currently exists that would beat Leviathan for me. It's too perfect, it's too exactly what I love about roller coasters. I can't imagine ever getting bored of it.

Boulder Dash is a possibility, but Leviathan is way ahead of Voyage, Beast, and Prowler, and those seem to be the coasters it has most in common with (could be totally wrong about that).

I always think it's so hard to compare roller coasters, since the variety is completely unmanageable and you can't ride more than one at a time to get a fair comparison, and they all ride differently every day of the week anyway. It's a bit easier to think in terms of genres, like speed vs. intensity, low-to-the-ground vs. big hills, airtime vs. positives, etc. I tend to favor speed, big hills, and airtime, so naturally Leviathan is a great fit for me.


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MouseAT said:
I genuinely don't know if there's anything out there right now that could knock Boulder Dash off my #1 spot. That ride is still so far ahead of anything else I've ridden.


The only way something could beat BD is if I go back and re-ride it and have a few really crappy runs on it, in which case I'd probably just bump Phoenix up a spot anyway.


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I'm inclined to say that I305 could take the top spot from MForce. I like intense rides, so it seems very likely that I'll enjoy it. The OTSR might kill it for me though.

Other than that, from what I've heard, Bizarro, Leviathan, or Skyrush could also be contenders.

Jason Voorhees

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Wooden: El Toro, T Express, Colossos, or Mountain Flyer.

Steel: Expedition GeForce, Helix, blue fire Megacoaster, Bizarro, or Maverick.

Bat Fastard

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Outlaw Run, Nitro, El Toro, Bizarro (SFNE) and Leviathan are all canidates. Millenium Force seems and looks a little overated.


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I've just managed to book myself a very cheap flight to Holland next week, so hopefully Goliath at Walibi :--D

Nick P

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Most likely Bizarro since I'm a big big airtime fan. I've heard it's right on par with Skyrush. EGF could probably be another possibility. I would choose a B&M Hyper(not sure which) since they're airtime machines, but they don't have enough intensity for my liking. Still tons of fun though.

As for wood, it's a no-brainer: El Toro. Perhaps Boulder Dash, but I'm not too sure.


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Coasters: (current #1 BTR clones)
-Outlaw Run

Flats:(Current #1 Chance Zippers)
-Mondial Capriolo
-Huss Booster
--KMG inversion


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Sanchezmran said:
Other possibilities:

El Toro
Boulder Dash
Outlaw Run

Boulder Dash may have just taken it . :) Though I won't make the desision until later tonight or tomorrow.


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I'll be interested to see if anything at Dollywood is able to get near the top of my list when I visit. My top rides are from quite a while ago, so I wouldn't be surprised...


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Nice topic.
There is so many great steel coasters it's literally impossible for me to pick a favorite.
Now, with wooden coasters there aren't near as many great coasters. First it was Beast, then Son of Beast, and currently is Voyage. Ghost Rider was a pleasant surprise and Mean Streak was a huge disappointment.

Wooden: Looking at all top coasters I seriously believe Outlaw Run is the only woodie that could steal away the top spot from Voyage. I very much want to travel the distance to ride this wild west looking beauty!

Steel: The only coasters that really scream this could be my #1 steel coaster is between Steel Dragon 2000 in Japan or Formula Rossa in Abu Dhabi. Sadly, I don't see myself getting the finances nor the rich boyfriend to make a visit possible to either of these coasters in the near future. Then again maybe I just need to flirt with Simon Cowell he seems to enjoy having a new babe to travel with. Ok, that's my best bet.... Hello Simon cutie pie, shepherd's pie, do you like some American apple pie with strawberry sauce?
Dang, rejected again! I tried.
Well, maybe in a few months Simon will be available and then cha-ching!

* A surprise coaster treat is Desperado at Buffalo Bill's Casino in Primm, Nevada. It's an awesome intense ride and worth the drive when visiting Las Vegas.