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Polar Ocean Park | Shanghai | Marine Theme Park


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Another one thats been on the radar for quite some time and is now well under construction.
Large theme park from the company that owns Discoveryland in China (with the new Zamperla Thunderbolt)
Not much known but the concept art did have a coaster called Steel Dolphin Diving Coaster in it.

The park is expected to open somewhere between the end of 2017 and early 2018. We shall see how accurate that is.

Goddard Group concept art

Polarx1.jpg Polarx2.jpg Polarx3.jpg Polarx4.jpg Polarx5.jpg Polarx6.jpg
Construction from April shows it coming along nicely


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Reminds me a bit of this first hill on Senzafiato but taller.


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Confirmed opening date of September 28th.

As well as the two coasters, they have the world's longest spinning rapids from WhiteWater (same ride type as Storm Surge at Thorpe and those ones at Asterix and Hansa). They're also holding Orcas, which is being kept quite quiet (especially by the American Goddard group, or whatever they're calling themselves after the molestation stuff), but no idea if any show will open with the park.


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Is it a coincidence that Intamin's new LSM coasters all seem to use Intamin's older track style, when a lot of the company's current thrill coaster types have moved to the new track style, out of interest?

Also, I giggled a tiny bit at the kid doing jazz hands on the construction fence!