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Plopsaland de Panne | The Ride to Happiness | Mack Xtreme Spinning Coaster | 2021


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That’s a really lovely angle!

I’m really excited for this - even if it does end up being 2022 or even 2023 before we can safely get over there without mush hassle.


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Honestly I think this coaster could've done without the spinning seats.

It looks good as it is.

The addition of spin might make it nauseating for a lot of guests.


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I think people are neglecting to remember that the spinning is highly controllable and that the speed we are seeing here is likely not the final speed. Let's not jump to conclusions just yet. For comparison, the magnet that controls the spinning on Time Traveler has 8 positions. TT's cars are set to the second-fastest spin setting that is possible without removing the magnets, from what I can gather.
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Could be intentional practice of rescuing a train over water. Best to have an educated clue before people are on there waiting in this scenario.
That's an interesting point, and one I'd not considered before actually.

Would seem like a very sensible thing to practice, wouldn't it?


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Enthusiasts:"That jojo roll is too slow"
Plopsa: "Okay fine we'll make the rest of the ride quick"
"No no no, not THAT quick"
"Eurgh okay we'll slow it down"

In all seriousness, the point about it being intentional to have a sort of practice about what to do in that situation makes sense. I would have thought that's something that's done after a bit continuous testing though? Usually more sensible to get the engineering aspects of the ride down to a tee before worrying about such operational concerns