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Plopsa Indoor Coevorden | New Area

Martyn B

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New update on the outdoors area at Plopsa Indoor Coevorden:








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Wow, they're building this quickly. Pretty sure this should be in the other rides topic area?

If anyone doesn't know, this is some sort of car ride thing themed to K3, a girl group.

Martyn B

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So apparently there will be 3 outdoor rides for this area opening next year, and more will follow over the next few years.

Plopsa Coevorden has K3 mill fire outdoors

VALLEY - In the coming years, the theme park Plopsa Coevorden invest in expanding the range of outdoor attraction. The construction of the first three new attractions is almost completed. The K3-fire mill is already complete. It is a carousel with fire engines and ladder trucks that are up and down. Children with toy fire hoses with real water nepbrandjes extinguish.

Board member Harold de Vries says that nearly half of the outer part is built up. The rest will follow within a few years. The current construction project costs half a million. "We continue to innovate in order to give the visitors another reason to come back," said de Vries. The Christmas holidays are almost daily Christmas shows with Rabbit Bobo.



I think that's pretty crap/tacky for a Plopsa park.


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Yeah, that's pretty lame. That was news for West Midlands Safari Park when they invested in one of those, so for a park like Plopsa, it's a bit naff.


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They have one at de Panne. It's more hilarious/fun than it looks :p

I just love the fact they've just tagged K3 on to it - what have a cheesy little girl group got to do with fire engine ride?


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^Don't think it's that bigger.


Nope, defo the same size :p

Anyway, it's all looking rather complete minus a few details here and there for the road thing.


plopsa fan site said:
The Outer Zone of Plopsa Indoor Coevorden since last week almost double! The fences around the yard zone last week removed, allowing visitors now on the new piece Outer Zone can walk.

The expansion of the countryside has three brand new attractions: the K3-Fire Mill, the K3 Traffic Park and Playground. The latter was installed last week in the park, and is also open for visitors since Saturday. The K3 Fire Mill and the K3 Verkeerspark will, probably, very soon be operational.

Back of the area is the Fire Station, from which spring educational lectures on traffic school will be placed, as well as ready. The room was furnished with a large chalkboard, many signs and posters of older advertising campaigns on road safety.