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Photos from abandoned theme parks


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This cropped up on Google alerts and I found it quite interesting.

Its images from abandoned theme parks. It's quite spooky!


There are several images to look at, all of which can be found here: http://www.designcrave.com/2010-07-28/15-creepy-abandoned-amusement-park

There are probably loads of these images out there...post them!


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Marc, that first one is from Six Flags Over Georgia.

Those photos are pretty neat. I've seen a few of some Japanese parks before. Those actually remind me of the modern warfare 2 map, carnival.


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Here's a funny picture from Okpo Land in S.Korea...

Surely Chippewa Lake in Ohio is the most famous of these places?


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Not so much a photo but someone posted a video from Six Flags New Orleans yesterday and it's quite a good video

That was a really good video, and considering I'm actually into urban exploration, I'd kill to walk through there before it gets demolished. Sadly, that obviously isn't going to happen, but the video was still amazing and eerie.


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RCF said:

Not so much a photo but someone posted a video from Six Flags New Orleans yesterday and it's quite a good video

I got this posted on my Facebook wall yesterday. It is a brilliant video. Great music and artistic shots.


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Although the video says it's going to be demolished, What's stopping the park getting a big spruce up including repaint of the rides and reopening? :?


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^ An awful lot of money in an area with none. There's "80-90%" damage. It's a complete rebuild job. Just because the structures are standing, doesn't mean they're safe, that goes for buildings and coasters! Plus... no guarantee that it won't just flood again in the next storm. Would you be willing to sink billions into a flood-risk park?


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^ There are alot of photos floating around on the internet from people who did some urban exploring in the park, and quite honestly the video doesn't really do the damage the park has sustained justice (idk if that is a good or bad thing :? ) The point is though that the park is much much worse that what it looks like in that video. Let me see if I can find some of those photos for you.

EDIT: Found a link to a huge gallery of photos taken by one urban explore: http://www.flickr.com/photos/brynnephotography/sets/72157622688948209/


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Six Flags don't have the money to run their "successful" parks, yet alone get this place back open.

There is likely a lot of unobvious damage as well as damage unseen in the video.

Any attractions worth selling would have been sold already I'd have thought.