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Phantasialand in Winter/General Questions


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It's likely I'll be in Dusseldorf with work for the week of the 21st November. I noticed Phantasialand do a Christmas event which seems to begin right around that time and entertained the possibility of popping down as I've never visited the park before. Have had a little nose around and noticed as well that all the rides are being advertised as available too which has upped my interest further!

The only thing putting me off potentially is that it's likely I'll end up visiting solo - as enticing as Taron and Black Mamba are I always find visiting alone a little flat, particularly for some of the dark rides / the crazy looking log flume they have. I've done parks such as Oakwood and Flamingoland by myself but then again, they're shyte - Phantasialand is probably on my Top 5 must-visits and I imagine it's somewhere made even better with company.

I guess my main questions are:

- Has anyone visited the park during Christmas - are there any noteworthy shows/events they put on?
- To anyone who has visited alone, I guess my question would be along the lines of - do you feel some rides lacked as a result of the lack of company?
- It looks like I'll be taking the train from Dusseldorf to Cologne - from what I gather there's a bus from the main train station which goes to the park. Is this particularly faffy (my German stereotyping hunch suggests 'no' but it's potentially "off-season")
- Depending on my scheduling with work I'm considering the on-site hotels. Do you get any special perks staying there and which ones would you recommend?


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If you stay at the hotel then they give you a few (3?) fast passes ; you can also buy fast passes so not sure how much benefit that is.


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I don't think there is a bus from Cologne, but there is a shuttle bus from Bruhl station - I got the train to Bruhl from Cologne, not sure if there is one direct from Dusseldorf. It's not too much of a faff, and trains and buses are fairly regular (although I did go during the summer).

As for visiting solo, I would imagine most of the rides are fine - they pretty much all have single rider queues. Rides like Chiapas and River quest may feel a bit flat, but there's always a 'community' feel with the other people on your boat so it should still be good fun!


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^ I don't think River Quest operates in November. Brr. ;)

As for the original post, I've done Phantasialand twice last year, once with public transport in lower season, so I can say that the bus from Bruehl station is fairly regular outside the high season as well, and once in November, when I was sort of work-ish in Duesseldorf as well. I don't know about any seasonal shows, but there are fireworks at the end of the day on Saturdays. Granted, I never visited on my own, but I think Phantasialand is one of the parks that could be great fun to visit, even with no company. Honestly, I think lesser parks that you have mentioned, are much more depressing to visit, if you have no company...


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Thanks all for your answers!

Not sure why I was thinking there was a bus straight from Cologne, Bruhl makes more sense so I probably read that wrong originally. Either way it looks to me the hotel is well worth the investment particularly seeing as the park is open late and it'll save me the trip back to Dusseldorf. I'll see how things pan out with work but I'll probably be back with a few more Qs if I get the thing booked! :)

Edit - just realised as well I've been a twat and posted this in Q&A and not Trip Planning where this should go. Apologies mods! :lol: