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Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020


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^ don't be silly; single occupancy rates are lower.

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Also ;



Is that a real photo or an artwork? I honestly cannot tell


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The queue line video confirms a few things (timestamps from the video in the post above):

8:10 - The line splits for first-row riders like on Black Mamba and Taron.
8:43 - This isn't confirmed but that looks like a single rider entrance to me.
9:12 - There is a pre-show and safety video
10:10 - You will need to put your items in separate lockers before you board.


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I have a pass from the missus to do 2 days next week, but she (understandably) doesn’t want to travel again with cases rising...

Flights are reasonable.

Anybody want to be my stand in partner... No kinky stuff, I promise!
I've got free reign in the holiday book and ready to go at short notice if you need a +1!


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I was trying to keep myself away from spoilers, but I caved. I'm just blown away by the Rookburgh. I still think I prefer Klugheim atm, but that could change when I eventually get there.

I'm going to at least try and abstain from watching and povs though.


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I looked at the hotel...yeah thats not happening


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So no one is talking about that wall anymore? ;)

It's quite funny how we spend years talking about a wall, which in fact most people will only see for about 10 seconds during arrival/departure from the park.
Crazy that we really didn't know what RB would look and feel like from the inside and due to lack of information had to keep ourselves entertained talking about a wall.


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I've seen the extra things of the package. If it was a regular park hotel with average sized rooms, I wouldn't mind the premium cost, but with the pod rooms the hotel has, I'm sorry, it doesn't justify the cost.