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Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020

Peter Immelmann

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October would be nice but it just doesn't feel realistic to me at this point - the status of the construction side, the timing regarding the job openings, the possible announcement of Rookburgh on September 18 (followed by the opening of hotel-bookings). Imo it would all fit quite well to an envisaged opening for Wintertraum.
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I wonder what they will place on the two towers/highest points... Those 2 steel beams on either side have to be some sort of structure to attach more bits of theming to
Agreed- something big and epic over the top could really improve things. I second what others have said in that the symmetry doesn't quiiiite work.


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We've not seen inside the lobby yet have we? It'd be cool if those were the outside of two boilers in the lobby, with moving gauges and clanking insides, some big pipes from the other end, up and through the lobby towards the ride area to tie everything together.


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Its coming along well I think. Particularly like the Hotel CL emblem in the middle (3rd pic).



The main wall does look pretty good in the flesh as it’s textured and crumbled... that ‘painted brown/rust shed’ on the right though :eek:
Yeah the painted office block ain't great. And while it doesn't make it any nicer knowing if any consolation it is almost certainly thought by the park to be temporary - they are still banking on their expansion which would see this building replaced. Hence the cheap paint instead of actual theming/corten steel. Rookburgh's equivalent of the temporary vertical garden wall in the Klugheim/Chiapas corner. Obviously though a park in such an awkward situation and planning so far ahead temporary can still mean a number of years. haha

Peter Immelmann

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Looks interesting... The golden cones remind me a bit of the pipes of an organ. With this they clearly go beyond that plain industrial look.
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The emblem is fab!

The pipework is a nice touch and I'm a fan of the symmetry.

I hope that once they finish connecting the pipes, the only thing they do afterwards is add something to those top columns. There's a risk of adding too much and make it feel too busy, especially with the symmetry going on too. What they have now works for me, and the contrast is good.

The doors / entrance way is rather bland too - I do wonder if it's more of a placeholder?


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they are still banking on their expansion which would see this building replaced.
I'm not sure about that. At least the expansion area won't be part of the theme park. The documents say there'd be a water park and event locations. I don't know if the expansion plans said anything about the parking lot which is already owned by the park though.
I always wished Phantasialand had more space to begin with. But I'm absolutely sure it'd not be what it is today.