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Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020


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The issue with the launch is, that we have no exact data as the launch track is not visible from the outside (trust me, I tried the legal ways). You might be able to see it if you start climbing, but I don't have to tell you why you should not even think about that.
So my estimate is just based on the sound of the train, and when it starts to show in the overbanked turn. In addition, we do not know, how exactly it accelerates. It could launch to full speed in a very short period of time, and just keep the speed, it could start slow and kick in in the end, or it can be something in between.
And: it's possible that the launch will push the train further, even if the first car/s have left the launch. Nothing prevents the LSM to keep pushing the back of the train.

What I can say for sure about the launch: It's intensity will be quite low. The train is very long, which makes it necessary to run the LSM modules on a low current to prevent them from overheating. You don't hear anything from the launch modules from outside, only the train (which is likely to use hard wheels, which are quite noisy). The overall speed required is quite low, as the first launch track is pretty high up, and the height difference to the first overbanked is not that big.

The obvious question you might want to ask now: If the ride is slow, will it be boring? Propably not. As the trains are quite long, and you are mostly laying on your chest, you will experience some forces at the ends of the train. Especially the exit from Launch 2 looks like a nice Airt... well Backtime in the front row. In addition, the ride will profit from the theming and near misses in the area.


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I think that the launch appears to be slow because, as the trains are quite long, they probably want to whole train to be on the LSMs to prevent the back trains whipping round the previous element uncomfortably. But, that’s just my guess

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SAD Maschinenbau have shared on Facebook some pictures of Talocan's return home; adding that it is now ready for the summer season! Source


And back in operation with all seats!


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Phantasialand have confirmed their reopening for 29th May.
Entry is via prebooked tickets only, to start off with the online shop is now open for bookings until the end of June.
Annual Pass holders can register for 1x free entry per month and at the end of these restrictions the days the park was closed and the days their pass was restricted will be added to the validity of the pass.
No shows will take place. Fast pass, single rider and baby switch will not be available.
Hygiene and distancing measures will be introduced in the park and queuelines. Masks will be required on rides, in queues and covered areas.

More information:


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how tight will your mask have to be to prevent if flying off on the rides ?
Masks on rides if worn properly are not that much of a problem. Nothing compared to hats, scarfs or phones which are always a bother.
Its common place in Asia without any issues. Roland Mack recently spoke to the press saying he has been riding Silver Star with a mask on to test and its fine.


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I think you may aswell wear a scarf instead of a mask anyway, they are about as much use as a pair of pants holding in a fart

Please do some actual research into why the wearing of masks in public are so essential and why so many countries have adopted compulsory requirements to wear them.

Before you come on here and post such absurd comments anyway, they aren’t helping anyone.


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Do they ever run it that the water reaches the gondola.
Would hope there is plenty of chlorine in it anyway.
Not manage to get a ride on it yet. ?


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Not really, but if you sit on the back row, at the beginning of the cycle the water will splash your legs, which is nice on a hot summers day.
good to know, was hoping for a Ripsaw experience, as thats the only one ive done, ?
Phantasia 2021 it is then ?
hope the flying launched coaster thing is open by then


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Not really, but if you sit on the back row, at the beginning of the cycle the water will splash your legs, which is nice on a hot summers day.
He talked about the fog. The water usually is enabled. The fog seems to be gone for quite a while now - which is unfortunate. Looked cool. But as far as I know it was due to the fog that the restraints smelled really bad.