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Penguin Themed Coaster Proposed for Redcar, England.

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Found this via RideRater on Twitter. The full article is here: http://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/teess ... nt-7797766

No details of who the manufacturer would be, the article simply just says "Italian".

A planning application to Redcar and Cleveland Council, made under the name Esplanade Attractions, shows the proposed steel ride is planned to be 28m long, 5.5m high and up to 12.5m wide. It would have six vehicles, with seating for 24 people.

If planning permission is secured, the ride is planned for the Esplanade, near the Redcar Beacon, and themed on the popular penguins which stand further along the seafront. And while it would be nowhere near the size of one of its predecessors, the Giant Racer of the 1920s and 30s, the people behind the scheme believe it would still be a big boost for Redcar.

The scheme is the brainchild of Dane and Cassie Crow - partners in W Crow Amusements, which has operated smaller attractions in Redcar.

Could be interesting I suppose, though I'd rather not have to go back to Teesside anytime soon! :p


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elephant58 said:
I'm assuming the 28m long refers to the footprint (28x12.5) and not the track length?

I can almost guarantee that it is referring to the footprint. A full circuit coaster with a 28m track length wouldn't be much more than a circle.


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Social Media Team
Sounds like it'll probably be a Big Apple, those dimensions and train size would be right. And they're Italian.



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I was having a conversation today about what creds would pop up over the uk in 2015 haha. Credddd <3

Darren B

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It states in the article that it'll be 'completely unique' which SHOULD dismiss a big apple or any basic clone.

Hope it gets approved <3


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Social Media Team
Ha, definite banter points for Caffeine Demon.

Yeah, "unique" can just be it has penguins on it.

They're not exactly going to advertise is as "the same thing they've got everywhere".

I mean, it could still be anything, but, that doesn't really mean much.

Mysterious Sue

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Yay a new cred. Who cares if it's a big apple (as long as we can get on it). Also, I still need the South Shields creds so that'd make a nice little trip


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Yeah, but it's just an hour or so from me. I need to do the South Shields and Bridlington creds at some point, and I'm sure I can accommodate a few CFers overnight for a cred run some time next year.


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10-15 mins away from me! Will become my closest coaster haha!

If it gets approved, you should all get a lemon top from there while on your cred run.


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Pierre said:
If it gets approved, you should all get a lemon top from there while on your cred run.

I love the lemon tops at Redcar! <3 My Dad comes from Redcar and my Mum from Middlesbrough so we tend to go there every few years. I hope this will be at least a little bit interesting, though I'm not too hopeful.