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Seeing how may people are starting to talk about Pokemon again I decided to make a thread.
So post all Pokemon related stuff in here.

I'll start by saying...



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Blastoise or Gengar. Alakazam <3 OMG, and Garados <3 Slowkings were amazing as well. And Golduck <3 Scythers were awesome, but, useless on a team. Jinxs were such fag-hags <3

I collected them all in Blue. Yep. :)


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I was on TV because of my collection of Pokemon cards XD 20th Century Roadshow on BBC1 about 4 years ago :p

I still have all my games; they're epic.


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I still have loads of cards stashed away in folders somewhere.
I'm keeping them in hope that they will be worth something one day. Especially as I have lots of rare and promo cards.


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I also remember the days when I used to play with the cards.
I loved the way they did the damage counters as little smooth marble things. The coins were shiny but the cardboard made it seem less impressive. Although it had Chansey on it. :)
I learnt how to play via some online CD where it had a tutorial and you could play against the PC.
I then got my first game mat and started playing although it was a rare occurrence as hardly anyone knew how to play.

Ahhhh. This is bringing back many happy memories. :)


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^^ I have a very rare 'Shining Gyarados' which I keep locked up in a secure volt :p

I only like the original series of cards, not the newish ones. i.e I only collect the ones with the original design and not the modern computerised designs.


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King Goon said:

Is it sad to know this one by heart? As well as This and This?

I think you were all expecting me to reply to this. So I'll do.

First, before anyone start a rant on Pokémon, I'd like you to read these articles:
http://www.dragonflycave.com/aapdead.aspx - Is Pokémon dead?
http://www.dragonflycave.com/aapwhy.aspx - Why do we like it?
http://www.dragonflycave.com/aapchildish.aspx - Pokémon - childish?
There you go.

Well, I have never actually collected the cards. Bought the occassional pack, yes, but never played or collected them. If I do, it's for the designs, I like drawing them (see my Facebook profile for example). Many Pokémon have totally badass designs, others are cute, some are LOL, etc.

The games are great. See the topic in General Polls on which games I prefer, if you want to.
The battle system is ACE. When you realise the depth of it, it makes chess a tad simple (hmm... that's part of the charm with chess, that anyone can play it in no time, but nevermind). There are Entire websites dedicated to the strategies and community of competitive Pokémon battling. Believe me, the time when Mewtwo was the best one around is over. He still rocks, ranked among the highest, but can be mashed to a pulp by other Pokémon these days.

My favourites are too many to list here. I have a fair few from each of the 17 types, and a list would be too much ado and too few would read it.

Then there's the music. If you like it, search YouTube (or ask me, I'll provide some links). If you play Piano and like the music, check out www.ninsheetmusic.drshnaps.com .

Last, if anyone likes Pokémon, and reading long posts, I'll ask you to have a look at this. Enjoy:
http://ninsheetmusic.drshnaps.com/smf/i ... pic=1517.0


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I have a complete card set of the first generation, after which I gave up.

I NEVER moved on past Blue, Red & Yellow. So my knowledge of anything past Mew is either very limited or non-existant.

I loved the original 150, but like so many other things expanding the series ruined it for me :(


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^I actually like them adding more Pokemon though. It keeps the games fresh and gives you plenty more to look for. It would of got more boring ages ago if they kept the same 151 all the time.


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^ I totally agree Ollie!

But after I'd completed the original series (games and cards), when they relaunched it I saw it as nothing more than the money grabbing exercise that it is. Therefore, I stopped most pleased with what I had :p

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The original generation will always be the best, mainly due to the character design being much superior than the current lot...

I.e. Each Pokemon had a distinct difference between each other and a distinct link to the modern world (some of them were iffy on this, such as Jnyx), but as we've gone on, we've had babies and evolutions... Some of which either look crap or are generally annoying because they evolve through happiness...



Seriously, look at the last couple of non-legendaries in the P/D National Pokedex and see what I mean... Poorly named and look absolute crap... Sigh...

However, it has Squirtle <3