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Parque Warner Madrid | Warner Beach | Water Park


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I thought we had a topic about this, but I can't find it.
Parque Warner Madrid will open Warner Beach in 2014, a new 3 hectares waterpark attached to the park. The waterpark will feature the Malibu Beach double wave wavepool (one for adults, one for children), the Mad River that will be populated with animated characters, a water play area called Water Adventure, the Warner Beach park sunbathing area along with new shopping and dining areas.
Construction is well underway.


From the park's Facebook page.


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I really liked the park when I went last year so it's nice to see them investing in something new.

Martyn B

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They really needed something like this, to hopefully boost the visitor numbers. They should stick in a hotel, and a slap on the all-too-common 'resort' tagline, and people may want to stay for a few days?

I would love to see this place grow, it's an amazing park.


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^This. I felt like the park was quite far from civilisation so to turn it into a resort actually might help the park in terms of convincing people to visit and stay a couple of days.

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