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Parque Kataplum / Mexico / 2018 / Mall Park


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In Mexico City a new (small) park, named Kataplum, seems to open in 2018 in the area of Xochimilco. It will be located next to a mall. Chilango.com talks about 31 attractions, but they seem to count restaurants and cafés, too. Artworks show:
- A starflyer
- Go-Karts
- Children's area
- Disk'o'coaster
- A powered coaster or some kind of monorail with a train-design
- A Vekoma suspended family coaster.

An older artwork also seems to show a huge Ferris wheel and some kind of launch-coaster, but as a lot of the other attractions are missing, I guess this artwork is not up-to-date.

(sources: chilango.com)


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I'm from México (CDMX), let me clarify some aspects.

First, the park kataplum is located in Iztapalapa (not too far from Xochimilco but nearly).
Second. Actually the comercial center is open to public but the third floor are unaccesible until July first¹.
There are almost 3 coasters aparently finished, but none in test (i dosen't see any working)
  1. Wild mouse in the west.
  2. The yellow one (aparently a classic steel coaster) seems complete.
  3. There are are another two constructions, aparently coasters (a train and one with white rails) but i can't confirm.
The entrance fee for the park is oscillating at twenty pesos (around one dollar). while it will be governed by a system of quota per game.
Thats all i see today, I live nearby, I can take pictures to have first hand sources photos.

¹ Google.com search: kataplum (in google cuestions section)


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