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Parks you absolutely CAN be arsed with


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Following on from the "Can't be arsed" thread, what are some of the parks you can't get enough of?

I'll start with: (no particular order)

1 - Toverland - Opened 20 years ago as an indoor kids park, and have really grown with it's original demographic, junior coaster, launch coaster, highly rated woody, spinner and a moderate thrill wing coaster. Presentation just gets better each time I visit, I love troy, I love the fun house and I love the little house with the magic wands

2 - Europa park - Just so much to do, great atmosphere and wodan and silver star are top tier coasters

3 - Hansa Park- Managers to combine thrills and family rides perfectly, and has top notch theming

4 - Alton towers - not perfect, but I always seem to enjoy it here.

5 - BPB - Even without wild mouse, there's still plenty to do here

6-Disnyeland paris - Full of undiscovered gems like casey, Jnr, Alices labyrinth and the adventure island area, and TOT

7 - Legoland windsor - Maybe a surprising entry, but I just love the setting and miniland!

8 - Hersheypark - 1 word - Skyrush!

9 - Knoebels - a slab of tarmac, with fantastic atmosphere, history and phoenix!

10- Bollywood park - only a handful of attractions, but all are exceptional


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I mean, Dollywood. Not really convenient to get to but always worth the visit. I guess Silver Dollar City would be in the same boat. Neither have a good airport to fly into and there's no public transportation....but both are always worth it.

Great Adventure always annoys me whether I'm driving are my parents house in Boston or all the way from Florida.....but I can't not go as often as possible haha

And....I've been able to visit Alton Towers three times and live on a different continent.....so they must be doing something right!


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I've been trying to get back to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland because I didn't realise I'm missing a credit until I was home ever since I got back from my first visit for this year, almost exactly last week.

I know it costs millions (and I know I'm a hypocrite for throwing everything I have at this but refusing to go to Disney) but while my money will return - half the lineup probably won't. And you got some very rare rides in there; get em while you can.


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Always have time for the big 3 Dutch parks - Efteling, Toverland and Walibi Holland. Have been on multiple trips to all of them and never gotten bored, would be happy to set off on a trip tomorrow to visit again. So easy to get to too.

Port Aventura. One of the first European parks I visited and I was instantly hooked. Stayed onsite for 5 whole days and still didn't run out of things to do. Been back twice since and still love it just as much as the first time. I think it's still my absolute favourite European park, just ahead of...

Europa Park. Came here in 2006 shortly after my first PA trip and again, stayed on site in the Collosseo for 5 whole nights. Didn't get bored once, although unlike Port Aventura I didn't desperately feel the urge to return until last summer. But when I did, yeah... still awesome.

Universal. I've always loved the 'vibe' of a Universal park. Growing up with Jaws, and seeing the images of the Jaws ride and the tram tours on telly made it THE must visit place in my mind from a very early age. Finally getting there (2003 ICYWW) was a true pinch-me moment.
Orlando is bestest, obvs, but the Hollywood one still has the right 'vibe'. Would love to visit the Japan one someday.

I wanna say Cedar Point, but for the longest time Cedar Point was on my 'it can wait' list, rather than my 'must do' list. Something about the line up was missing for me. Steel Vengeance changed all that, though. And now that I've been, I absolutely love the place and can't wait to go back asap!


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  1. Dollywood - it’s simply a treat of a park
  2. Holiday World/Kentucky Kingdom - the two are an easy package deal if you are headed to either/or. Great selection of rides at both parks that makes it well worth the extra day.
  3. Knott’s Berry Farm - I have continued a tradition two years now of headed to KBF when I visit Long Beach for an annual conference. The park is small and easy enough to grind through in a few hours, and a stones throw away from the Long Beach airport.


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Many, at least in pre-Covid times:

- Efteling - my favourite park. Pre-Covid I would go there once a year. I find it to be worth the effort to get there. Great rides and great atmosphere.
- Phantasialand - some phenomenal rides and great levels of immersion.
- Alton Towers - Massive faff to get there, but I always enjoy it. It's the only park I've been to during Covid.

Nicky Borrill

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Energylandia - 3 Great coasters, 3 decent coasters, and plenty more to fill the time. Great looking park, everything fresh and new, with the landscaping starting to mature in areas too. New themed areas are better than anything back home. There’s only one part that I hate, the circus area… I never ‘have’ to step foot in there, and thankfully usually don’t bother…

Phantasialand - This park just feels magical, I fall back in love with this place every time I enter. 3 top coasters and some fillers doesn’t hurt either.

Walibi Holland - This is a controversial one… But it has 3 coasters that I REALLY like… So it’s on my ‘at least once a year’ list currently.

Then of course there’s Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, and BPB…

These 6 parks make up my most regular haunts… Not tired of them yet, and can’t see myself getting tired of them any time soon either, with the exception of maybe BPB.


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Energylandia - This park is out there, but it is such a clean, nice park. Sure, it has a lot of subpar coasters, but it also has several fantastic coasters. I had an incredible time at this park and can't wait to get back

Europa Park - They don't even have to build anything new. I go back anytime I find myself in Germany. This place is a gem. It's one of the few parks I've found where I am completely content just hanging out and not even riding anything, whether it's drink a beer in the biergarten or wandering through the incredibly well themed lands.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland - Not a park per se, but just a really fun, unique, and festive experience. Every year I wish I was going back.

Liseberg - Just a stunningly beautiful park with great food and one of the best coaster collections on the planet.

Silver Dollar City - Truly inconvenient to get to and Branson is a total tourist trap, but the park is so charming with an excellent collection of rides.