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Parks with the savviest management.

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Those parks do well despite their limited funds. Or instead, some parks do have a fair bit of money to invest, and they do spend it smartly. So, what parks do you think have been wisely expanding in the past 5/10 years?

Although the park hasn't been completely refurbished yet, I really love how Legendia - formerly Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko - has transformed itself since 2017. Lech is a fab ride at a bargain price, and I heard Bazilisek is a pretty solid Dark Ride too. Their scenery effort is commendable (at least for the refurbished zones without flashy colours), and overall their strategy seems to manage the right balance between ambition and financial constraints. I'm curious to see how the competition between the two Southern Polish parks shape up, especially when Energylandia is soon running out of EU money.

Closer to home, I like the way Walibi Rhône Alpes is going lately. A decade ago the lineup was pretty lackluster, but the recent additions of Timber and Mystic along with other improvements establishes WRA as a solid regional park.


Knoebels, my favorite park, definitely knows how to manage their money in a savvy manner. They started the trend of relocating aging wooden coasters when many other parks deemed it impossible in the ‘80s; according to https://wnep.com/2019/05/15/catching-up-with-dick-knoebel/, Phoenix was $500,000 less to move than a new wooden coaster would have costed to build — and seeing as how many coasterfans adore that coaster (including myself, as it was my 100th coaster credit) — Phoenix was a steal of a deal.

Another vote for savviest park management on my end goes to Holiday World. Not only did they pool together enough money to build one of the biggest and baddest wooden coasters in the world (The Voyage :D), and — although it took them 9 more years to do so — Holiday World also was able to afford a B&M Wing Coaster; nowadays, it’s something you’d only see nowadays at a top-tier Chinese park under construction due to how expensive that model can be, even for regional parks and large chains.

Matt N

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I always think Ed Hart of Kentucky Kingdom seems pretty savvy; he seems like a cool guy who likes enthusiasts, and not forgetting the fact he's built highly received coasters like Storm Chaser, Kentucky Flyer and Lightning Run.


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^My sentiments exactly. Ed Hart knows what he's doing so much it isn't even funny. He took a park that was as good as dead and turned it into something really special. I've loved watching Kentucky Kingdom come back over the years, it always intrigues me to see what they'll come up with each season.