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Parks with the BEST coasters?

Chris Brown

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Ok I know this is kinda vague, but we know parks like mingo and Europa have the most creds but what parks have the best quality creds? Take your top 20 and see which park features the most!

Mines liseberg! Helix, Balder and lisebergbanan are all top 10 coasters for me (yes I know I'm basic)

I can see places like Hershey, cedar point, great adv doing well!


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If I take my t10 it's Phantasialand.. but worldwide it has to be liseberg, especially when project 2018 has happened

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The only park with multiple entries in my top 20 would be Magic Mountain; with X2 and Twisted Colossus. I guess that makes it the park with the best (two) coasters :)


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Currently, based off my Top 20, it's SFGAm, with 4 spots being in there. Runner-ups are Silver Dollar City and Holiday World with 3 each.


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A lot of European parks seem to have 2 really strong coasters in their arsenal. As you mention, Liseberg has Helix and Balder, Phantasia now has Mamba and Taron, PortAventura has Shambhala and Khan, Europa has Wodan, Blue Fire and/or Silver Star (depending on your preference).

US Parks like Magic Mountain, Cedar Point, Great Adventure etc, have a bigger number of solid coasters but I think they stand out less because of the sheer volume of coasters in those parks. There's so much choice, whereas in Europe you really do appreciate those 1 or 2 brilliant rides.


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I'd agree with Liseberg probably. Helix is the ultimate best, Lisebergbanan and Balder are really fab supporting gems and Kanonen is still good fun. Phantasialand and Europa Park are also up there. PortAventura has two gems but the rest is a bit meh.


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My top list's highest pair is currently Kärnan/Fluch von Novgorod at Hansa-Park. I wouldn't have thought last year that I'd end up with two top five Gerstlauers but here I am. I want to give a shout to Holiday Park too - I may be in a very very small minority that loves Sky Scream even more than GeForce, but they certainly have two very strong coasters.

Edward M

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Going off where I have been, Cedar Point. The trio of Intamins, MF, Maverick, and TTD make it an easy choice. I also think the rest of the lineup is pretty good (namely Magnum). I would also give a shoutout to Port Aventura, Busch Gardens Tampa and SFGAdv.

As for ones I haven't been to, I would have to go with SFMM. X2, Twisted Colossus, and Tatsu all look amazing. However, what pushes it over is what seems like an amazing supporting lineup. I would also say Liseberg, Happy Valley Shanghai, and Phantasialand. I wanna mention SFNE and Nanchang Wanda Park for having two absolutely amazing coasters and seemingly nothing else of note.


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I honestly think Cedar Point has the best line up, at least out of the parks I've done. Millennium Force, Maverick, and Top Thrill Dragster are all in my Top Ten; they're world class. Beyond that, the supporting lineup is still very good. You got 4 solid B&Ms, with Gatekeeper and Valravn being the stand outs for me. Gemini is a fun, smooth racer that actually has some pretty good airtime, and I can't really think of any other ride where you can literally high five the other train. Wicked Twister and Blue Streak are good, quick filler coasters. I actually think Magnum XL-200 is pretty meh, but others seem to like it more than I do. Mean Streak is **** but it's getting scrapped and likely replaced by something far better. That's 10 good coasters for me (technically 11 since Gemini is two creds ;)).

As for other parks that I've been to, Hersheypark comes to mind, with the three Intamins standing tall and Lightning Racer, Great Bear, Looper, and Comet acting as solid supporting entries.

SFGAd is another solid choice I guess. I'd probably rate it higher only if I got to do Toro.

Then you got other parks like SFNE that have two fantastic coasters, but lacks the good lineup of supporting coasters. Well, Batman is enjoyable, and I guess that S&S thing will help, but other than that, you're not looking at much.

SFNE's lineup would actually be more impressive if it had less coasters, like Kentucky Kingdom is right now with Storm Chaser and Lightning Run, despite the park only having 5 creds.


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SFNE's lineup would actually be more impressive if it had less coasters, like Kentucky Kingdom is right now with Storm Chaser and Lightning Run, despite the park only having 5 creds.

Per capita is always an interesting thought. Some parks, such as KK, have 2 of 5 great rides while CP has 4-5/18. Of course, Kolmarden has 1/2 so if we're going off percentages.. :)


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Snoo said:
Of course, Kolmarden has 1/2 so if we're going off percentages.. :)
1/3 mate, did you miss a cred? :lol:

Hershey is definitely up there, Skyrush, Storm Runner, Fahrenheit and Lightning Racer are all top notch.
Cedar Point, the Intamin Trio + many good supporting rides.
I also think Great Adventure as I really liked Bizarro and Batman, it has the tallest cred (which is pretty tasty in the front at night) and has 2 worldies in Nitro and Toro.
I'm not an expert in Asian parks but the one in Nanchang only has a few creds and that includes the Cloud Intamin and Viper, so percentage wise might win it.


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Great Adventure
Cedar Point

All three have a couple of premier coasters in addition to solid lineups of other coasters.


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I have three:

Liseberg - Helix, Balder and Lisebergbanen.
PortAventura - Dragon Khan, Shambhala and even Furius Baco all compliment one another really well?
Busch Gardens - Cheetah Hunt, Sheikra, Kumba and Montu are all fab.


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Social Media Team
Liseberg probably has the best quality to quantity ratio, having six coasters with two being two of the absolute best on the Planet, one being excellent and the other three being there as well.

In terms of quantity probably Six Flags Magic Mountain, especially now it has Twisted Colossus. So much variety.