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Park - Midwinter Night's Dream


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Park under development.

This is an arctic situated park. Despite the bitter environment, this park has grown to become very profitable over the last five years! The park has organically developed over these initially challenging years. The park has expanded and developed distinct themes that pave an exciting road to the future.

There are two roller coasters within the park at the moment. One Vekoma and one B&M Hyper. The Vekoma has already fused nicely within the park. The Hyper, in contrast will have a greater emphasis on space.



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I have done a bit more work.

I have built a family ride called Wendigo Herd. I won't record a PoV since I feel indifferent about the layout and how I themed it. I find it hard to must the enthusiasm to theme family coasters unless they are a novelty (family wing rider). What you cannot see is the flood of human flesh occupying the pathway to the ride. Expanding the path sideways does not help. The ride is so popular that visitors are blocking paths until the queue has space again.

This is my first proper attempt at "skinning" a flat ride. Normally I theme the surrounding area and queue. Here I have enclosed it. It was fun and tricky. I did something basic and mathematical. I love how scenery is free to clip. I wanted a strange victorian barn feel. It fits snuggly between the industrial rides and the creepy abandoned chapel hypercoaster.

And finally, have a teaser for my next coaster project. No prizes for guessing the ride type. I am having fun adding scenery to this. This coaster will be more scenery centric compared to the last. I had to tear myself away from it. It is currently 1am and I ought to sleep soon!!!


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After suspense; you are correct! Because it would be too strange to have a vertical drop on any other B&M track type.
I haven't done much more theming on the coaster. When I get free time, I am itching to do more work. The next question, which is harder, what theme will it be?

I wouldn't say it's obvious; but if I revealed you it, you could see why the screen shot heavily implies it.


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Another teaser.

The theme is Viking. I built a station from a photo reference and I am dissatisfied with its appearance.
I thought I'd download some workshop pieces for inspiration... however... I got disheartened by the copious amount of pieces used to make something that looks decent. Some works still look terrible despite having loads of pieces. So, I feel currently burned out from Planetcoaster since it's too challenging for me to reach the next level I need. It's fine adding fine details to something you are passionate about and have a strong idea in mind. But, my theme I don't know enough about. I am not interested enough to do fine detail. So, I will have a bit of a break until I can muster the enthusiasm to push my park.

I like doing scenery like that screenshot. To the point. I feel ill at the thought of using tiny pieces. The game isn't precise enough to make it enjoyable.


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I use the full version of Fraps. It was gifted to me when I was stressing about my limited options to capture footage on a different forum.
Most Planetcoaster people seem to use a Windows capture software thing.
I've calmed a lot down now. I have had time to think about my problem and I have some solutions to try.
I will thaw the surrounding area a little bit. But keep the snow in key places. This will help enhance the ride's theme. It will also address why the roofs aren't especially snowy. It will allow me to do more interesting things with natural scenery pieces (more variety of rocks and plants).
I will place workshop Viking buildings and Frankenstein them together. This will hopefully still yield good looking buildings whilst feeling like I was being creative and intuitive.


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Here's the official reveal of that "mystery" coaster.
I introduce a work in progress. Helheim.

Heavily based on the Nordic Goddess Hel, Helheim draws inspiration from Oblivion and Kraken. Helheim takes you on a bitter journey through the nordic underworld and into the freezing waters of the north. In a land where Spring is awakening, all shall soon discover that no one can escape Winter's grasp so easily.

The initial station I built I destroyed. It looked boring. It burnt me out from the game, as I saw other people's work and I felt how could I match their level of patience. I found my answer in a beautiful art book about cabins. I based the station off a cabin that looked like a nordic church. I utilised a lot of "my blueprints" to help speed up construction. The station isn't quite as traditional as I'd like, but it is mine.

The towers and walls are both workshop items that I assembled together. I love coasters that showcase interesting track elements. Such as with Oblivion how much of a fuss Alton Towers put into the hole. Albeit, there isn't much to Oblivion beyond the drop into the hole.

The frozen sea. There is much more to be done, but I like how it's shaping. My intent was to have a large pool of water with the coaster burrowing underneath . However, the game doesn't allow that. So, I had to adapt.

So I switch the theming and landscaping to that of freezing. Cryo heavily implies frost, but Helheim is full-on ice. Poor Kraken.


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Have a disappointing update.
This park is being put on ice. I found it was burning me out.
I've started a new park, also in challenge mode in a more neutral climate. This will let me pull a Alton Towers and do a multithemed park.
Challenge Park are a mixed bag for creation.
It's exciting to get rewarded in $$$ for your work.
Your park evolves organically like a real park might. i.e. you start humbly but eventually, you can grow into something impressive.

However, your options are limited by research and funds. But, this could push you to be creative in new ways.
Your design choices, to begin with, are based on finance, rather than aesthetics. This can be a good thing sometimes.

I will start building a sandbox park, but only after I have a strong enough idea. Off boundary water would be an awesome addition. I want to recreate my sea rock park again.


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I don't have Planet Coaster (and to be honest, don't intend to any time soon), so I've no idea how easy/hard it is to create this stuff. That generally means that I'm pretty impressed by most of it! :p

I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll do next.


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It's not hard. Just time consuming to make it extra special. Just, make sure you have the heart to add the little details. If you actually want to make something look very pretty, you'd be willing to put the effort in. If you are lazy and feel pressurised to, you'll burn out.
There's plenty of stuff on the workshop and in-game combinations if you feel like you just want to place things, rather than create everything from scratch yourself.
It's easy to make nice looking things. It's the extra special stuff that takes time.