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Paris 2015: Walt Disney Studios Park


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So for our first trip avec theme parks of the year, we are currently spending a week in Paris. At the moment were are in Roissy, just outside CDG airport for Parc Asterix and Disney, before we will eventually move onto the city for the culture stuff.

So yesterday we made our way to Parc Asterix, which is was only about 10-15 mins from the hotel and we actually ended up getting there really early; nearly an hour before the park opening. Obviously it was pretty quiet at that time, but I didn't want to get my hopes up for quiet day because every other time we've been to the park, it has been really crowded.

We got through bag checks (is this new? Don't remember it from last time), then bought our tickets and lined up in one of the queues outside the entrance. After being moved between three of these different queue lines because they decided not to sign post which ones they were going to open, they eventually let us through into the entrance area of the park. Once we got to the rope, there was about 20 minutes until 10am, so we played some theme-park related games :) At 10am the rope dropped and off we went.





Once the rope dropped we made our way briskly to OzIris, as I thought Tonnerre de Zeus (being a rather temperamental woodie) would benefit from having some time to warm up.


I last rode OzIris back in the summer of its opening year and at that time, I would have to say I wasn't its biggest fan. Back then I thought that it had a good first half, but post the underwater dive, I found it to be a little on the tame side.


You can't deny it has a fantastic setting though


The queue line is also one of the better-themed ones.



We got on about the third train of the day and went to the back row.


So, my thoughts on it 3 years after opening. I think it is has improved quite a lot since. First off, the first drop has always been great, especially for an invert. Sometimes I would wait for the little pre-drop and then get surprised when we just went straight down. I feel that the rest of the ride had definitely 'loosened up' since my last visit. The first part had some great forces and was smooth, without being too smooth if that makes sense.

I think the underwater dive is a cool feature, but I think it's more for the visuals. The kind of funky corckscrew/zero-g roll inversion is still a little bit pointless IMO as it doesn't really add anything to the experience. I'd forgotten about the pop of airtime you get as you dive down towards the last inversion, so that was a nice surprise. I remember thinking nothing of the final zero g roll last time, but this time I quite enjoyed the floaty sensation it provided. Then the ride ends with a fairly standard couple of turns.


It might have been partially down to going in with lower expectations this time, but I really the ride has improved. Its not one of my absolute favourite inverts because I still find the second half slightly weaker, but its a very solid coaster and a hell of a lot of fun.


After we had ridden OzIris twice with minimal queuing, we decided to make our way over to TDZ. On the way, you go through this indoor pathway with shops and stuff; a part of the park that I always find quite unique.



Once we got to Tonnerre de Zeus, the queue was short (yah!), but they were only running one train, which even when its quiet still irks me.


I have ridden TDZ on two previous visits. On the first visit, it was fantastic, extremely relentless and exciting. At the time it instantly made it into my top 3, with I think only EGF and Tatsu ahead of it. On the second visit 3 years ago, it was rather lackluster and very disappointing compared to the previous time. I know it's generally only thought to be an average coaster by most, so I was interested to see how it performed during this visit.


I chose the front row of the back car, as from my experience this seat provides the best ride, but is usually a more comfortable experience than the very back row. The airtime you get from this seat on the first drop is brilliant; really takes you by surprise. You then go into the tunnel and up into a sharp turn. From this moment, I knew the ride was back to its fine form. It was back to being completely relentless, long, exciting and lateral heaven.

Now I wouldn't say that laterals are something that usually particularly interest me, but TDZ executes them so well. Yes they're are quite aggressive and in abundance, but they really help provide that WOW factor :) The ride also has some more great airtime moments on the hills towards the middle of the ride, which gives the experience some more diversity. The trick track section works really well as you are still going pretty fast at that time and especially at the back, it catches you off guard. Now it is a very shaky ride, but IMO, never in an uncomfortable way. It only adds more to the ride experience.


I know many of you are going to disagree here, but I think that when TDZ is running on top form, it is definitely the best CCI (out of the one's I've ridden obv.) over Boulderdash. Boulderdash has more airtime, but I find the layout of TDZ more enticing and actually more comfortable. The only problem I have is that it clearly is quite inconsistent in how well it runs (as a lot of woodies are), but I still believe that it is a massively underrated wooden coaster


We only rode TDZ once at that point as the queue had grown and I wanted to see if they would put the second train on. Therefore, I made my way over to the seemingly gorgeous mess of Vekoma steel across the lake.


I remember thinking that I would probably never go on Goudurix again, but since it has received some re-profiling, I thought it was worth giving it another try.


The queue was a bit longer than I would have hoped for and this was also running only one train, but I knew I wanted to get it done at some point, so I just decided to do it. It was only about 30 mins.

Anyway for the ride: the track is still quite 'kinky', but in all fairness I did notice a difference in the severity of the head-banging. The main problem I found actually was the restraints really hurt my shoulders. I don't know if this is just because I have grown to an awkward height for them, but before they do anything else, Parc Asterix really need to get the new Vekoma vest-restraint trains.


We then walked over to the main restaurant because we were all quite hungry, but there was still 15 minutes until it opened so we headed over the Le Grande Splash



There was no queue, so we essentially just walked onto the boat. I really don't want to go back to Parc Asterix in the summer now, it is so much more enjoyable when it isn't absolutely rammed.


The ride has two drops. The first is very small and is just after you go through asterix mountain. Then there is a long meandering section in the 'jungle', but they make it more interesting with water bombs, fountains etc. The final drop is also quite small, as you can see in the picture above. We actually barely got wet this time, but I definitely think we've gotten quite wet on previous visits. Its a fun ride but I prefer the one at Port Aventura.


We then went back to the restaurant and had our lunch. I can't remember its name, but the building is made out of different fruits (not literally). Sadly I don't have any pictures though. My parents were having a dessert, but I wasn't so while they were waiting for it, I ran over to TDZ as I noticed they were running TWO trains :--D


Another surprise was that the ride was basically walk-on, which was great. I had another two goes and it was even more mental than earlier. On the second go it got stuck on the lift hill though for about 20 mins. The only thing I thought was thank God the ride isn't that tall because I would not want to have to walk down the stairs from the height of something like Shambhala. But it got going after a little while.


We then decided to do some of the other water rides, starting with the rapids


It's really short and kind of dull. Not much else to say really.


Menhir Express is one of my favourite log flumes



I like that it moves through the channel quite fast and I think the 'surprise twist' to the first drop is quite good. I also love the hollowed-out stones you travel in. It is definitely the wettest of the three water rides at the park.


We then went back to the OzIris area, where I got three more rides on it. It still only had a very short queue.


This is my favourite photo that I took of it.


It was noticeably more intense than it was in the morning, particularly in the first half. You can often measure the intensity level by the feeling of blood rushing to your feet.


We then went over to L'Oxygenarium (raft slide), but that also broke, but this time we were in the queue line. As shown in the picture above, it looked as though there might have been some raft jam because they were 'rescuing' people from what appeared to be stranded rafts.


I then did some more TDZ



And some more OzIris. We did go back to L'Oxy... but none of us thought it was worth waiting in the bigger queue that it had built up.


And then I had a final ride on TDZ to end the day on a very big high.




So for some final thoughts on the park. Firstly, I much prefer the park when its quiet because it is simply more enjoyable and easier to get on rides. I think the park is also under-recognised for its theming. It's not the best theming, but they certainly have made an effort and the area around OzIris is spectacular. It's still not one of my favourite parks because I don't really have that emotional connection to it I get at other parks, but I still had a fantastic day and OzIris and TDZ are two great coasters.


I got one last photo of OzIris as we were driving away.

Thank you for reading my report. Next up will be Disneyland Park.


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Re: Paris 2015: Parc Asterix

Really want to visit Parc Asterix. Looks like a great place with some really good rides. To me, Oz'Iris looks like one of the top 3 inverts in Europe, along with Black Mamba and Nemesis. I just love the combination of a good quality ride with great theming on B&M inverts. Good to hear Tonerre de Zeus is also a good woodie!


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Re: Paris 2015: Disneyland Park

^OzIris would definitely be in the top 3 inverts in Europe in relation to the setting, but I prefer Monster, Katun, Batman and the other two you mentioned just because they provide a more consistent experience. They’re all great though.

So a few days ago I got most of this report done… but then I lost it as I stupidly did not save it. That caused major depression, which with much hard work I have just managed to get over and become suitably healthy enough to try again. This time in a word document, which should help remind me to save it more.

Disneyland Park

Disneyland Paris was probably the main reason I wanted to go to Paris because it’s pretty much the only major park in Europe I haven’t done and I was obviously interested to compare it to the American Disneys. So when I heard my parents discussing a trip to Paris, I quickly suggested visiting (with Asterix as a later add-on because we thought we might as well visit again).
So we set off from our hotel in Roissy at about 8.30am. My Dad said it would take about 50 minutes to get there so taking into account potential traffic we thought it gave us plenty of time. The Satnav said it would only actually take us about 30 minutes, but we soon discovered this was because it was taking us to the wrong place; about 10 miles from the resort. So after about 15 minutes of faffing trying to find the right address and stuff, we eventually got going in the right direction and made it to the park at about 9.35am. We were glad we set off early.


By the time we made it through bag check, the entrance and walked over towards the Adventure land area, it just turned 10am and we were let into the area. Perfect timing. Now usually I have a fairly well thought out plan of how we’re going to attack a theme park, but today was not one of those days. I sort of alluded to the fact we were going to do Indiana Jones first and then go and get fast passes for Big Thunder Mountain, but my Dad clearly was not on the same page. This led to some directional issues as we were both trying to find different places without knowing the other one’s intentions. So after about 20 minutes of headless chicken behaviour, we eventually found Indiana Jones. The sign said it had a 5 minute wait, which I doubted because they probably hadn't got around to updating yet, but I got in the queue anyway.




The queue only took about 10-15 minutes which was fine and it moved quickly. Now I’ve never really heard much about this ride other than I think it’s not well-liked and I remember watching a POV of it ages ago and comparing to that Pinfari that used to be at Drayton Manor. So when I put those two things together I decided I wasn't looking forward to it. However, on the positive side, I really like how it’s the temple theming and how some of the ride is hidden from the queue line. I also like how the track for the vertical loop is hidden, but you can see the trains going upside down.


The ride itself though is full of mostly negatives and meh-gatives. Firstly, I don’t like how high the fronts and sides of trains are; it felt like you were trapped (which I guess you are in all coasters), but I guess it suited the ride. The first, small drop was fine, but straight after that as you were going back up into a turn came a very nasty ear-bash. It was so quick that it actually took me a couple of seconds to process that it had actually happened. From then on I was bracing myself quite rigidly. There wasn't really any other moments of pain throughout the ride (probably because I was braced), but I couldn't really enjoy it because I spent the whole anticipating more ear bashing. I enjoyed the loop and I suppose the rest was only average any way. The queue was still short when I got off, but I didn't really fancy another ride.


We then ditched the BTM fast passes as my Mum stated she wanted to ride Peter Pan and she believed this to be ride with low capacity. I didn't know because when it comes to rides at any of the Disney parks, I don’t know much beyond the coasters and water rides (of which are none at Paris!). My Dad decided to buy fast passes for Peter pan because he thought my Mum might want another ride. After a 25 minute queue, we were on the ride.


I had no idea what the ride really did before riding, but my Mum said ‘it flies’ (shocked). My Mum and Dad had been on it when they last came here with my brother and sister (before I was born) and my Mum said she might have been on the Orlando version. They both were sadly disappointed. They both felt that there were nowhere near as many effects as previously, but admitted that it might be because more modern dark rides (i.e. the Universal ones) had spoilt them. I thought it was okay, but I had no expectations.


So buying those fast passes was a waste of time, but we ended up giving them to another family. We started looking around for restaurants for lunch, but my Mum had previously called Information or someone, who told her most of the ‘good’ restaurants were closed until the evening. We then ventured deeper into Fantasyland where we found the next cred, Casey Jr. I thought it was just going to be the usual **** kiddie cred, but it was actually a fairly scenic mini powered coaster, which my Mum really liked. I also liked how carriage on the train was different, either in colour, build or both.



After that we were all starting to get hungry so we spent AGES trying to find somewhere to eat. Admittedly, I'm quite picky, but I was surprised how long it took us to find somewhere (which ended up being a fast-food place in Main Street). On our travels for food, we stopped by the BTM entrance. The queue was 55 minutes and the fast pass times were for later than we thought we were going to be in the park, so we decided that when the time was right, we would just wait in the queue. Should have got them earlier!!



After I got my food at the fast food place, we went over to the opposite café, where my parents got their food. The staff there ‘didn't understand’ what a decaffeinated coffee was, even though the French translation for decaffeinated is essentially the same, but with a French ascent. We went to other cafes in France which did so clearly they were just being awkward or didn't have any.


So after some below-average food, we set off to start riding again. We went over to Discovery land to see what was there. Unfortunately, Space Mountain is still under refurbishment, so that was a cred missed, but I’ve only really heard people say negative things about it so I probably wouldn't have liked it any way. I decided to do at least one ride in this area and I chose Star Tours because I thought it might be quite good. We looked at getting fast passes, but we thought we would be out and done before the current timeslot. To be honest I really don’t like fast pass systems that give you time slots. I’m sure they work very well for parks, but I prefer being free to choose when to use them and not be restricted to certain times. However, I’m sure when properly thought out when is best to use them and for what ride (something we made a complete hash of today), they work to your advantage.


So back to Star Tours. The queue line was really well-themed and blah blah blah…, but the queue moved slowly and was really boring. It was only meant to be a 40 minute queue and it took an hour. Also, one thing I don’t like about indoor queues that I’ve never been in before is that you think you might have finally reached the station and then you realised you've just entered another room full of queuing. I’d read on the park map that the ride was a simulator, so I kind of knew what to expect. It was okay and I didn’t really have much more of an opinion on it beyond that. It felt pretty outdated, but that’s something that can’t be helped when the rides probably like 20 years old. I'm sure it was very pioneering at the time it was built. For me, not worth the time we waited in the queue.



After this, the only ride that I ‘needed’ to ride was BTM, but then I remembered that I was interested to try Pirates of the Caribbean. So we sailed our way back over to Adventure to join the 30 minute queue. This time the actual queue length was the same as advertised which was nice and it moved very efficiently. I think I’d ridden the one in Orlando when I was little and I know I've definitely been on the variants at Europa Park and Drayton Manor. I’d say this one was the best, at least when compared to the two I know I've been on. I thought the theming was a little better and the ride was longer (with one extra drop), but my memory could be misleading me as it has been a while since I rode the other ones. However, I always think when I’m on these rides ‘why don’t they turn it into a water ride?’ If they were to do that, I would like it A LOT more, but for now, it remains as a ride that I probably wouldn't do if it were in most other parks.


Finally, it was now time to go and ride the parks final (open) cred; Big Thunder Mountain. The advertised queue time was now 50 minutes, but it didn't really feel as long as that, despite the maze of swirling switchbacks. I've ridden both the Californian and Floridian versions and found them moth to be fairly average rides at best. Though to be fair, with the exception of Colorado Adventure, every mine train I’d been on has been average at best. We got assigned to the fourth carriage, which I was mildly happy about because near the back of the train on these rides tend to be ‘faster.’


The ride started off in a dark tunnel. As a beginning section, I found it to be quite exciting. Already, its better than the other versions. We then got the first of the chain lifts (which were so **** noisy, it was ridiculous), which took us into Thunder Mountain. The middle portion of the ride isn't really anything special, but still felt a bit faster and more fun than the other ones. It did have one or two small airtime pops which was a bonus. Much like the beginning, the end of the ride is housed inside a pitch black tunnel, which I loved. It was an unpredictable, even quite thrilling ending and I loved it. It had been a long day, full of queueing and rides that I wasn't that fussed on, so it was nice to get a surprisingly good ride at the end of the day.


The ride actually ended up breaking down while we were on the final break run. It was so hot out that my mum decided to put her sunbrella up, which caused a couple of funny stares. They ended up unloading everybody off the train and walking us (through the ride tunnels <3) back to the station. A great added bonus. They had cleared the queue, so it didn't appear they were going to fix it very quickly. I was very thankful I wasn't a train later, otherwise I might not have got the full cred (well I suppose technically I didn't anyway :p ).




By now we were all a bit exhausted and decided to call it a day. I'm sure there are several ‘great’ rides/attractions we missed that some of you will be keen to point out, but I probably would not have thought much of them. As much as Disneyland is a very nice park, I don’t really get the magic that many others get when visiting one of their parks. I think of a typical day at Disney as being: long queues, large crowds, small selection of good rides (and that doesn't even really apply to this park). I get why others love it and obviously I know it isn't targeted primarily at my age group, but they’re just not really one of my favourite parks to visit. I think it was good that I went of some rides that I didn't bother with at the equivalent parks in Florida and California, but that was largely due to their not being a Splash Mountain or a Space Mountain (obviously this was just because it was closed, but it’s a different style of coaster anyway); my two favourite rides at Magic Kingdom and Disneyland CA.

Thank you for reading my Disneyland Park report. I don’t know when I’ll get the Walt Disney Studios one done because my exams are coming up, but hopefully soon.


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Walt Disney Studios Park

The next day after Disneyland park was the second park at Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney Studios. It's a park I would probably compare with Hollywood studios in Florida because they essentially fulfill the same function. DCA is similar in some areas, but felt more like a mixture between a studios park, a boardwalk theme, with a tiny bit of animal kingdom thrown in with the rapids area. I quite liked DCA, but really don't like Hollywood studios, so I was expecting not to be too fussed with this park.


We got to the park a bit later than the previous day (about 9.45 ish) because we set off later thinking we wouldn't have any hiccups this day, but we still managed to get lost :lol:



We made it into the park just a couple of minutes before 10am and my plan was for me and my Mum to go over to Crush's Coaster first, while my Dad went to get fast passes for Tower of Terror. When we got to Crush though the queue was already 60 minutes and far outside the queue line (although I assumed that was because hotel guests were just finishing their ERT). It was a huge pain because I was expecting the queue not to be too bad first thing. I waited in the line to be let into the single rider entrance for about 15 minutes, but it didn't open, so I decided to join the normal queue because to be honest, I'd rather wait in a slightly longer queue that moves, as opposed to shorter one that doesn't, especially when both queues are huge anyway.


After waiting in the normal queue for about 5 minutes (which was now starting to move into the actual queue line), I looked up at the board again and it said 75 minutes. **** no. That's probably just within my limits in terms of queue time, but I left because I wanted to see if it would get any shorter throughout the day, especially since its placement attracts the initial crowds.


So moving on from there, me and my Mum went over to the Toy Story area, where one of the other three creds at the park resides.


RC Racer. I don't know if Intamin has a specific model for this coaster, but I guess its like their half pipe coasters, just without the spinning trains. The normal queue was 15 minutes, but the single rider was 5 minutes. In this case the single rider queue was more appealing because of the small wait times. It turned out to be more like 10-15 minutes though. I got the back row which I was happy about because I thought it would probably have the best floater.



I'd liken the ride to an extreme pirate ship. It was one of those rides that felt exactly as you expected it to feel; it was fully inline with my expectations, which in a way made it feel a bit dull because there was no 'surprise' to it at all. It's also pretty short, but I think that's a good thing because it already has far too low capacity for a Disney park.



By the time we got off, my Dad had joined my Mum outside the exit and we moved onto Tower of Terror. My favourite ride at both the American Disney resorts. The fast passes we got were for a bit later, so we decided to all wait in the normal queue for now, which was about 35-40 minutes if I recall. The queue line has pretty much the exact same sequence as the other versions I'd ridden, except the theming when you initially go inside the hotel was slightly different I think. The library pre-show was in French with English subtitles. I still love it though.


Once we got into the elevator, the ride seemed to take ages to actually start, but the ride operator kept us all entertained by giving us menacing stares. I felt that the pre-drop sequence section was essentially the same as on the California version, but not as good as the Florida version because it doesn't have the bit where you move forward through the hotel, which I always found added more tension to the ride.

The drop sequence was great as they always are, but I did feel like it was a little shorter than the other ones. I don't know if this is an accurate view or whether I just remember the other ones being longer than they were. Additionally, I didn't feel there were as many 'big drops' on this one and the tower itself was definitely smaller. However, the airtime was still great and it is definitely one of the most fun rides in the world and one of the only rides where I feel the story line really adds to the excitement of the experience.


After we had gotten off ToT, there was still a fair bit of time until our allocated fast pass time, so me and my Dad went over to ride Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. We only queued for about 20 minutes which was good. I think most of the rides queue line was fairly similar to the one in Florida, although I barely remember that one for some reason, with exception to the pre-show and station. The pre-show for this one was pretty **** really. It lasted about 10 seconds, didn't really give much of a story line and was quite confusing. I remember the one in Florida being much better.

The station/launch area was exactly the same. We got assigned towards the middle of the train for our first ride. I have to say, I enjoyed it a little more than the one in Florida. Only from a coaster perspective though because there was next to no theming (only a few flashing lights) and it wasn't anywhere near as dark and atmospheric. Maybe I'm remembering the Orlando one worse (as a coaster) than it was because it underwhelmed me on my first ride, but this one just felt a little more forceful. I would say they're both equally smooth though and more enjoyable than Xpress at WH.


We then sneaked a second go, before it was time to use our ToT fast pass. This time we sat nearer the front of the train. It didn't feel as forceful as further back in the train, but was still a good ride. We then had our second ride on ToT which was equally as great as before. After this we all went to get something to eat. We first ventured into the Ratatouille area (easily the best themed area in the park), but their main restaurant was already full booked. The queue for the Ratatouille ride was 80 minutes and although, I sort of wanted to ride it, I didn't want to wait that long. For food, we ended up getting crepes out of a van because all of the eating establishments were heaving.


After the food, I started to feel quite ill (I don't think it was the crepe though because I've felt quite queasy and fatigued a lot recently), so I knew I probably wasn't going to want to stay at the park for much longer. The final coaster I still needed to get on though was Crush, so we went back over to there, hoping the queue had a died down at least just a little bit. It had... by 5 minutes. It was still 70 minutes long, ugh :(



I knew I was going to regret not riding a fairly good cred, so me and my Dad sucked it up and got in the queue. It was definitely a long queue, but moved quite quickly for one of these low capacity coasters and it didn't feel quite as long as 70 minutes. Once we got into the station, I was very impressed by how quickly the ride operators were churning through the cars.


Now for the ride itself. It's the standard Maurer Sohne spinning coaster model, but with an extended lift hill and section of track at the start. There was some good theming in the beginning, but for the main coaster part it was lacking slightly, with only some lighting that gave you the impression that you were under the sea. Still, it had more than the one at Rainbow Magicland and I actually quite liked that you couldn't really see the track. It was a really fun coaster and I was glad to have ridden even with the massive queue. I didn't think it was quite as forceful as Spinning Racer (a travelling standard model), but being mostly enclosed more than made up for that. My Dad wasn't a fan though, he doesn't really like coasters which spin, travel backwards or are enclosed. Loved that he still came on though =D>


After the ride, I still wasn't feeling much better so we decided to end our day there. In hindsight, I do regret not riding ratatouille as I quite enjoy high quality, modern dark rides, but I thought the queue would still be massive and I didn't want to have to wait in another one of those. Could have gone in the single rider I suppose, but at the time I just wasn't really in the mood.



So for some of my final thoughts on this park. I thought in terms of rating it as a Disney theme park, it was pretty poor. I thought a lot of the park looked quite cheap, particularly the Toy Story area (which a Six Flags park might be able to get a way with, but for Disney it was poor) and the area around ToT (excluding the tower itself). I didn't like the park any more or any less than Hollywood Studios, but I think its Florida counterpart was higher quality. Although, I do find both parks to be bland and from a theme perspective, they do nothing for me. In terms of rides, it does okay for me because ToT, Rock and Crush are all good, fairly thrilling rides, but I didn't actually feel that there were very many rides that a Disney fanatic might look for. Overall, Disneyland Park is by far the more authentic, magical and nicer park, but Walt Disney Studios does have better rides for me to enjoy.

Thank you for reading my report :)


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Great report!

For some reason Disney parks never really appealed to me. I haven't visited one so I'll keep an open mind, but it just doesn't make me very excited. I'm a big fan of Disney films, but for some reason I personally don't dig most of their IPs incorperated into theme parks. I much prefer the slightly darker fantasy themes of parks like Efteling, Phantasialand and Alton Towers (at least it looks that way, haven't visited) over the overly colourful cartoony style of many Disney rides and areas. I also tend to prefer original themes rather than existing IPs. That said, some parts look incredible!

How does Big Thunder Mountain compare to Colorado Adventure? I absolutely adore the latter <3


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ThomVD said:
How does Big Thunder Mountain compare to Colorado Adventure? I absolutely adore the latter <3

It's not as good. The theming is a little better and it has an equally good ride length, but it doesn't have the great airtime moments that you get in the back car of Colorado.

It is probably the second best after Colorado in terms of mine train coasters (at least out of the ones I've been on).


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You didn't do Rat?! WHY? They have a single rider queue!! Not to rub it in but you have missed a seriously excellent ride there!


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nadroJ said:
You didn't do Rat?! WHY? They have a single rider queue!! Not to rub it in but you have missed a seriously excellent ride there!

Yeah I was planning to do it, but the time we passed it, it had a 90 minute queue (although 40 minutes for single-rider tbf) and food was a priority then, so we left it.

I was going to go single-rider after Crush, but I was feeling a bit **** at that point, so I didn't want to have to wait in another queue. In hindsight I regret it, but I guess it gives me something new to ride on a future visit.


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Wow! What was the name of that app again? :wink:

Great report, for those that have ridden both how does Paris' Rock 'n Roller coaster compare to the Orlando one?