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Overhyped and underrated

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Liam williams

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I think this has already been done but I can’t find the thread.

So the question is what coaster did you find overhyped and which coaster did you find underrated?

We went to liseberg last week and I can safely say that helix is the most overhyped coaster I’ve ever done. I see people having this in their top 5 and having it over the likes of taron.. after 3 rides (1 first thing, 1 in the evening & 1 at night) i can safely say this is no where near taron (IMO)! The launches are weak, the restraints are bulky and the whole coaster (to me) feels like a family coaster with inversions.

Now I’ll admit I’m all about intense rides with rapid transitions.

So that brings me on to the underrated coaster! I’ve rarely heard anything about balder prior to our visit. I’m really not a fan of woodies, I’ve never enjoyed them.. but this left me so surprised and satisfied. Holy ****! This is the definition of a ‘fun’ coaster! It had airtime, headchoppers & a smooth ride! (You definitely notice the difference between intamin Woodies compared to other companies)

I know a lot of people will disagree and say I’m crazy😂 but what’s your most overhyped and underrated coaster
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