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Oriental Neverland Phase 2 | Shaoxing China | Theme Park


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Ive posted a little about this in the small news thread but I think its time the park got its own thread as its fairly interesting.
This is a new outdoor park which is opening in Shaoxing, China. it is Phase 2 of the project which started with the indoor section of Oriental Neverland that opened in 2016 - https://rcdb.com/12769.htm

The original park opened with a Mack Spinner but this park seems to be going with a fully Chinese lineup.
The main thing of interest here is the BSA built Sitdown/Inverted racing coaster which has already gone vertical.
The park also already has a BSA built skyloop in place.
Opening should be sometime later this year.

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Overall shot of the planned park - Fairly inaccurate but gives an idea. The original indoor park is housed within the big grey buildings at the back
BSA Advert for the model of racing coaster coming here. - The layout will not be the same though.

57663994_2030985447206843_4194812816185622528_n.jpg 57736435_2030985063873548_6373002439515176960_n.jpg 57821611_2030985593873495_3446587590046646272_n.jpg 57908912_2030984903873564_600428374917120000_n.jpg 58372767_2030985520540169_8629395544629837824_n.jpg 58374009_2030985637206824_6062362796618678272_n.jpg 58377530_2030985500540171_7320504342778216448_n.jpg 58378085_2030985367206851_5433955866569080832_n.jpg 58380664_2030985613873493_673305607628914688_n.jpg 58381006_2030985107206877_7848113991028047872_n.jpg 58382329_2030985277206860_1002432675258040320_n.jpg 58384552_2030985143873540_5370289491871268864_n.jpg 58441069_2030985397206848_3716104475862106112_n.jpg 58460725_2030985030540218_7614741569995800576_n.jpg 58461640_2030985570540164_5874709821416013824_n.jpg 58463194_2030985207206867_6883629031162380288_n.jpg 58608422_2030984887206899_2466288320078938112_n.jpg 58625849_2030985547206833_7752964428013764608_n.jpg 58818365_2030984870540234_7395280045524123648_n.jpg


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Some more recent photos from this project.
A new mine train ride has appeared which threads through the BSA sky loop twice.

The lift hills for the dueling sitdown and inverted coasters is going up. (the pic kind of looks like its single rail but it its just an illusion)

Rapids ride in the foreground with the dueling coaster at the back

A tangle of supports for the dueling coasters

The park appears to be called Cool Play World.

A fact which this sign seems to get slightly wrong. I wonder if Chris Martin knows about this :)

More pics and some terrible low res gifs of the park can be found here


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They must have spent all the budget on the barrel roll(s) and run out for the first drop. :p


would be cool if I had any faith they'd ever run both tracks at the same time! (let alone dueling...)