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I recently upgraded to windows 7 and was wondering if RCT3 would work. A quick google search produced mixed results, so I thought I'd ask here. Anyone on here managed to get the game working on windows 7?

EDIT: Not sure why I started a new topic rather than just asking in the help topic. Tiredness I guess...
Yeah I play RCT3 on my laptop which is running Windows 7.

I've not had any problems with it, it seems to work fine for me.


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It'll work. Billboards won't unless you do a certain thing with the command prompt which a quick YT search.
jokerman said:
Do you use compatability mode?
Nope, I never bothered with it. Just popped the disk in, installed it and it works fine.

But like Kimahri said, the only problem you'll have will be billboards. But if you don't use them, then everything should be fine.


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Is putting Chelsea players in a rubbish team on FIFA to get them to win, cheating? I thought so! :p


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Yeah, you mess around with a text document that stores all your options, and you can add lines and stuff that takes away the collision detection.