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Olympia-Looping at London's German Christmas Market



Strong ruomors fly in German funfair forums but be advised that so far this is heresay. But also backed by the guy who confirmed OL for Vienna Prater months before it was made official.

Olympia-Looping will be at London's German Christmas Market this December.

As it will be shipped from Bremen OL will also be at Bremen Freimarkt in October.


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If it happens I will definitely get myself down there and happily pay whatever ridiculous price they ask.


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This "rumour" has happened for the last few years running, and it's never happened.

Maybe this year will be different, but I wouldn't hold my breath.


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^Yeah, this is such a common rumour that I won't believe it's true until I see it for myself.


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I've also heard from a friend that OL will be going to Winter Wonderland (which I assume what's been called the German Christmas Market?) and they'd talked to the operators at Prater. But of course we shall have to wait and see but it would be awesome as it's the travelling coaster I most want to ride :)


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You say Schwarzkopf as if it's a bad thing. We'd be absolutely lucky to have Olympia Looping in this country for any time at all.

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Why is everyone obsessed with it? Because it looks like Olympic rings? Because it's "iconic"? Because it's a little better than the other travelling rides?


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Because Magnum Force was awesome and this is Magnum Force but bigger?

Though reserving judgement and excitement until I've ridden it :)

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Olympia is fab, if they'd only remove those useless OTSRs, it would've been one of the best coasters in Germany, no doubt... Just a shame that its brother was butchered by Six Flags and killed by the Mexicans... :(

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Pink Panther said:
Because it's a little better than the other travelling rides?

Saying it's a little better is a bit of an understatement, surely? Given that most travelling coasters in the UK look like this:



Full - provisional - line-up for Bremen Freimarkt is out. Last minute changes still possible but unlikely judging by former years.

Olympia Looping - Barth
Wilde Maus (Wild Mouse) - Kinzler
Tom der Tiger (kiddie coaster) - Wegener
Auf Manitus Spuren (kiddie coaster) - Heitmann / Schneider

Break Dance No.2 - Dreher
Happy Traveller (Break Dance No.1) - Gack
Commander (Shaker) - Hanstein
Musik Express - Baier
Happy Sailor - Howey
Octopussy (Schwarzkopf Monster) - Markmann
Wellenflug (Zierer Waveswinger) - Hanstein
Alex Airpot (Funtime Flyer) - Goetzke
Bayern Rutschn - Schierenbeck
City Skyliner (70m observation tower) - Bruch
Riesenrad (65m ferris wheel) - Steiger
Apollo 13 (Turbine) - Küchenmeister
Euro Rutsche - Kutschenbauer
Top Spin - Ludewigt

Source: kirmesforum.de

So far I am more than happy as Bremen is just one hour by train. Keeping my fingers crossed for all Britons getting OL :--D

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Yeah this rumour does pop up every year, but this year it does seem to be everywhere. Even people that I trust are saying that there is a strong possibility that the rumours are true.

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Hmmm would it meet UK Health and safety standards? I know Germany will also have strict guidelines but not sure if they wold differ at all.


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I spoke to the ride operator of the ride in June and he stated he'd be in London for Christmas when I jokingly asked him about when they'd be coming over. It's also been said by those in the know when it comes to Winter Wonderland that it's been put on the map submitted to the council, along with a plot that matches Hollenblitz. But who knows what'll happen until we start seeing the build up.