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Captain Basic
Oaks Amusement Park in Portland, Oregon has announced that they're getting a Gerstlauer Eurofighter next year! Based on the stats they've given, it appears to be a clone of Hydrus at Casino Pier:

A new extreme in roller coaster excitement is coming to Oaks Amusement Park during the spring of 2018! The ride features a 72' vertical lift, past-vertical initial drop, 97° loop, an Immelman turn, heartline roll, 45 mph maximum speed, 1,050' track, and a 48" minimum height.

But, they're letting the public name the coaster(oh what could possibly go wrong...)! Here's the link if you're interested: clicky

The winner will receive a $500 gift card for the park, as well as being able to attend the grand opening. The contest will run through December 1st, 2017, and will have a winner picked sometime in the first quarter of 2018.


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Oh, how convenient! as I've just start planning my basic itinerary for a Pacific Northwest trip next next year. (Wild Waves, Wash.Fair, Oaks, Enchanted Forest) woo


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Matt N

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And it's still unnamed? Looks like Oaks Amusement Park is taking a leaf out of Alton Towers' book!


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Not really knowing the area.... It surprises me how green and, uh, lush everything looks for it being in Portland.... in February. Coming from Boston, I guess I expect everything in the north to be frozen over and dead looking until at least late March.

But also, yay +1


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For those not from the area, Adrenaline Peak is a reference to the many nearby peaks in the Cascade Mountains and the huge skiing/snowboarding culture. It actually fits really well.

Also, for the earlier comment about the amount of green foliage, this is Portland, Oregon - not Portland, Maine if that’s what you were thinking. West of the cascades is full of evergreen fur trees that stay green all year. Washington state is nicknamed the Evergreen State. Ok, local geography and climate lesson is over!