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Noble Rides - Golden Horse launches European-based subsidiary

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Golden Horse, arguably the most well-known Chinese ride manufacturer, is launching a subsidiary office in Bern, Switzerland.

Noble Rides claims it received TÜV certifications. The website currently displays 3 specific models, named NRxxxF, NRxxxFT and NRXxxx series - respectively a family coaster, launched coaster and inverting spinner layouts.



GH really appears to aim at catering to the European market. The Guangdong manufacturer will also exhibit at IAAPA Expo Europe later this September. I plan to make another interview with them, should be interesting...
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Not into this personally. I mean I fully understand why they are doing this, but their coaster layouts just bore me. I'm not worried about build quality (I mean it's Europe so they'll have to comply with regulations unless they want a lawsuit on their arse) but those layouts just look crap; the launch coaster looks to be mostly turns and helixes.


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I think the days of Golden Horse coming to the States are more and more likely. If they can stop stealing designs, then maybe they can be half decent.


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I was sort of expecting this to happen one day soon. I mean, if you spend years making copies of Rembrandt paintings, you will end up a somewhat decent painter yourself eventually. Golden Horse may have started by knocking off other designs, but along the way they have learned the tricks to design their own coasters. They have been selling those in China for years already. It would not be a long step from there to the international market.

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Looks positive that they are good at spinning coasters. Their spinning coaster layout could be competitive in the west.
For other coaster's layout, they'll get improvement as time goes.


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Personally I actually quite like the look of the launch coaster, aside for the weird looking top hat, it looks like the kind of thing Intamin would have come up with in the early-mid 10s, something iSpeed/Taron-esque.