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NL Competition- The Big Time

I want to see how people make their hypercoasters.

Has to be 200-299 Feet tall (61-91 m)
Any kinds of supports
Terraforming is not required, but is a nice bonus
No red g-forces
No 3ds
Any hypercoaster type (Intamin, B&M, etc.)

Creativity- 10 pts
Speed- 10 pts
Scenery- 5 pts
Length- 10 pts
Airtime-10 pts
Theme- 5 pts

Due date: July 1st

Send all downloads as a MediaFire download to sigma1276a [at] yahoo [dot] com


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Can it be any type of coaster those companies make, as long as it's in the height range you stated? B & M alone has 8 types I know of, maybe just 5 of them in NL (no wing, flying or vertical drop ones yet!) Come to think of it, Intamin even has such a thing as a hyper woodie, if you count El Toro!

I hope you get entries for it! The timing might be a little hard, because we just had a B & M comp with Antinos, an Arrow/Vekoma one before that, and now a mine train comp going on during about the same time frame as this one!
It can be any hypercoaster type by any manufacturer, as long as it follows the other rules. It doesn't really matter, just try not to look stupid with a 250 foot tall stand-up coaster.

You can use wood coasters as well, if you please...