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NL Competition 4 2013 - Adventure Time!


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An essential ride to any amusement park, the mine train coaster is omnipresent, but very often overlooked and forgotten. Every now and then, we enthusiasts find a hidden diamond of a ride. This contest is about building that hidden diamond.

-No tools
-No 3Ds

Ctrl+g and iSmooth are encouraged. Judging criteria is the same:

Technique - 10 points
Realism - 10 points
Originality - 10 points
Adrenaline - 10 points
Aesthetics - 5 points
User ratings - 10 points

Total - 55 points

NOTE: I recommend researching both Thunderation at Silver Dollar City as well as Adventure Express at King's Island for this contest (Support the CF YouTube channel). Also, it is your discretion on how you want to support your ride. You can choose to use either steel supports or wooden auto supports.

Due date: May 28th, 2013 (This will give people the long holiday weekend to finish their tracks)

Please send all tracks with your USERNAME to marcantinossi [at] gmail [dot] com.

Template download:


Good luck to those competing! If anybody has any questions, ask in the topic.


Slut for Spinners
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VooDoDe: Sure, but I don't think it will benefit much.

Another note if people are on the fence with joining; if you do something inspired by The Beast, you'll be golden.


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^I'm officially scared now, Arly is the best.

Anyway, sent in my track finally.


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Haha, well I'm worried for this one reguardless, since it's my first ever mine train.

Uncle Arly

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Mine too! Well one that I will have released anyway. I'm really unsure on banking transitions. But I also want to make it unique. Tough one!


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At least you've done one in private though Ash, This really was my first one.


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I’m in the “first timer” club myself, as far as mine train coasters go! It’s also the first terrain jobbie I’ve done in a long time, at least with a terrain I didn’t make. It takes me back to a comp in the fall of ’04, with a terrain similar to this one, except that it had a river going all the way around it, with mountains inside and outside the water. It was a woodie comp, meaning little or no support work, but there was a catch. The judges marked off several areas that signified locals’ homes, and the assignment was to build a coaster that couldn’t be seen by someone standing on the ground in any of those places. Other restrictions included having to put the station in one of three given places, no additional Terraforming allowed, and no part of the coaster being more than 125 feet off the ground. It had the usual rule about no 3DS objects, and in that instance it included trees. Otherwise, it would have been too easy to just make solid tree lines around each of the locals’ homes, blocking the view of the ride. By the time the comp was over, I think the thread had about ten pages of complaints, moans, rants and what have you, about how hard it was to build under those rules. Of course, the best thing to do was to use whatever canyons, ravines and valleys you could find, where the track would be hidden by the surrounding mountains.

That comp was inspired by a real-life situation Alton Towers was facing at the time. I don’t know if anybody remembers it or not, but they wanted to put in a terrain woodie coaster. It supposedly would have had drops as high as 200 feet, but, because of the ideal topography, probably wouldn’t have had to go high enough off the ground to be seen from outside the park. It ended up being kiboshed because of the opposition from the locals. They already had enough complaints about the traffic and noise the park caused, and didn’t want to add environmental damage to the list!

I know what everybody’s gotta be thinking – “Rich, you’ve been using NL since ’04 and still can’t get those transitions right?” I probably picked up some bad habits way back in the day, and they say those die hard! :--D


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Re: RE: NL Competition 4 2013 - Adventure Time!

I did so in assuming its a yes.

I'm on the verge of dropping out now. I hate a few of my transitions and I can't fix it for the life of me. I may still submit but I will probably start over and then decide which is better.