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NL Competition 3 2013 - Size Wise Rider's Choice


Slut for Spinners
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Here's the Rider's Choice for the competition. Follow the following instructions:

1. Download the zip file below and unzip it.
2. Ride each ride.
3. Rate each ride individually on a scale from 1-10. This is not a ranking of the rides - just an individual score decided by you.
4. PM me your rankings for each ride in ONE private message.
5. ???
6. Profit!


You guys have until Saturday at 12:00am, so PM the results sometime Friday evening at the latest!


Slut for Spinners
Social Media Team
All is quiet on the homefront. I haven't received as many riders choice submissions as I expected, especially since I received nine tracks this time. Remember; you don't have to submit a track to participate in the rider's choice! I encourage anybody who has No Limits to rate the tracks and submit their rankings. It'll help out tremendously in the long run.


I never felt that comfortable about rating the other rides, since Im taking part in the competition itself. But if numbers are low, Ill give it a shot

Youngster Joey

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Just do it from the gut. We enter these competitions with the knowledge the tracks will be judged and rated. It's a part of competitions, so why not do it. That's how I feel anyways.


Slut for Spinners
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You can rate the rides to your discretion. If you feel more comfortable with omitting a rating for your ride, that's perfectly fine.


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I didn't want to start a whole new thread for this, so I'll ask it here, since it's related to B & M coasters like we just did. Does anyone know where you can download the sound effects of the box-section roar that used to be on their earlier coasters? I thought it would be cool to take AVI footage of the ones we did in this comp, or even any B & M coasters we did before, and sync the sound with it using Windows Live Movie maker or a similar program. There are probably a lot of POV videos on YouTube with that sound effect, but I don't know if there's a way of taking it from there.