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NL Competition 2 2013 - Screw Me


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Arrow and Vekoma loopers quickly became an icon of the coaster Renaissance of the 70s and 80s. They are known for their interaction with paths, water, foliage, other rides, and the like. Many also have a high amount of aesthetic appeal due to their placement and footprint.

Here are the rules (note the additional rule special for this particular contest):

-No 3Ds
-No tools, hand building only
-MUST include a double corkscrew element

There is no height/speed/length restrictions and as long as there is the double corkscrew, any number of inversions can be used. There are no boundaries other than the simulator limits. With that being said, I would do a bit of studying of some classic Arrow loopers. If you're planning on sending in a GASM spinoff, it better be pristine.

Ctrl+g and iSmooth are encouraged. Judging criteria is the same:

Technique - 10 points
Realism - 10 points
Originality - 10 points
Adrenaline - 10 points
Aesthetics - 5 points
User ratings - 10 points

Total - 55 points

Due date: Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Please send all tracks with your USERNAME to marcantinossi [at] gmail [dot] com.

Template download:


Good luck to those competing! If anybody has any questions, ask in the topic.


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I'll try and finish this one, should we also implement the classic "coat hanger" physics or should we treat it like we're making Tennessee Tornado?


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Do the corkscrews have to be two consecutive ones, or can they be two interlocked ones? Also, can we put more water around than the ride than what's already there?


By the way, brilliant competition title once again.

I want to do something leaning towards a more Vekoma-esque, would this be OK? Or can it be only Arrow?


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Bmac - It's your call. The beauty of this contest is that you can build one of these coasters in many different ways.

SFOGRICH - The corkscrews must be consecutive, but you could add as many as you please. If you want a third, interlocking corkscrew, that would be great.

Treeis - Vekomas are fine. The ride pictured above is actually a Vekoma.

UPDATE - So this week is going to end up being busier than expected, so I might not get online for the next couple days. If anybody has a pressing issue, email me and I should be able to respond in between classes.


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Are you wanting something that looks a lot like the Arrow/Vekoma? Because I already make them rough...


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I guess to the untrained eye, the track and vehicles of Arrow and Vekoma look about the same, which is probably why they only have one corkscrew coaster type in NL, but the support styles are another story, as these three pics tell:


In one instance, you've got the classic Arrow support structure, which you could probably make in minutes by doing Wood Magic (straigt down-no sloping supports) and then transforming them all into steel supports, at least for the lift. In the next one, a Vekoma, you've got tubular supports, sort of like B & M, except I guess B & M ones are wider and can be placed further apart. Of course, neither one of those "rules" is true 100% of the time, as the third picture shows, with an Arrow having tubular supports. In the end, you could probably do any type of supports and call it either Arrow or Vekoma - an "ArrOma" coaster, if you will! :--D

After Drachen Fire was gone, I think the SFOG Ninja inherited the title of the coaster that bangs your head around the most! BTW, the SFOG Ninja supports were later painted black. They must have decided that having two coasters right next to each other with the same track and support colors wasn't best!


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I'm really satisfied with the way mine is turning out. Supporting for this thing is a complete bitch though. This is turning out to be one of my best coasters so far.

How much can we edit the land?


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^As much as you want. I'm glad to hear that people are pleased with the contest.


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If near-recreations (couple of tweaks) are allowed, then I will enter.

Friendly reminder (and you can just watch a couple of POV's to prove this) that Arrow/Vekoma corkscrews and true corkscrews in that they have a banked entry. The corkscrew element in the game is actually a flat spin.

The more you know.


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Decided not to go with the recreation idea but do something totally different.

I'm calling a 90* Immelmann a sidewinder. :lol: But that's not all.

I've moved on to the supporting phase of the coaster. I never knew supporting could be so interesting/fun.


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For the sake of the competition, lets keep our ideas to ourselves, eh? ;)

I will admit that mine has a double corkscrew element..... :D