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Nigloland | Noisette Express? | Rumored ABC Rides Kiddie Multi-Launch Coaster (2020)

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Some signs announcing a new attraction for 2020 were spotted at Nigloland in France last week:

('Devinez le nom de l'attraction' means 'Guess the name of the ride' in French
'Noisette Express' = 'Hazelnut Express'...)

The signs were located behind the Wacky Worm coaster of the park, which was sold to another park and is due to leave Nigloland at the end of the season.

French enthusiasts speculate the ride would be a Multi-Launch Kiddie Coaster from ABC Rides:

The rumored ride would have 2 tyre-driven launches (similar to Intamin's Juvelen and Wave Breaker). From my understanding, Nigloland doesn't have the energy storage facilities to operate a larger-scale LSM launch coaster. Gossip: The Gélis family who owns the park since its 1987 opening have also visited Le Pal last year and have thoroughly inspected Yukon Quad's installations - fuelling the rumours ever since :p

Source: CoastersWorld.fr
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This seems to be quite the odd choice, but I hope for the best. We're seeing so many manufacturers debut these wacky prototypes at smaller parks - for example Steel Curtain at Kennywood, Gale Force at Playland's Castaway Cove, or Wilde Hilde at Schwaben Park. I can't help but imagine what's coming next!


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I'd hope for an Intamin over this, but should be cool either way!
You do realise the cost difference, right..?

This looks really cute - Nigloland is a really nice park, this will work well for them. The Tube Coasters from ABC are really fun rides.


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ha, that looks really neat. Looks like a fab kid / low-thrill family coaster.

Only negative I see is the fact that the above only has 1 train. Not sure how busy Nigloland gets, but I'd have thought that with something like that, even the option of two trains would be a good idea?


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This looks like an interesting development for the park. Always happy to see what this park gets up to.