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RCDB says operating since 11th. Happy to trust them. https://rcdb.com/17336.htm

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Speaking of threads being past due for unsticking, this year is being so weird with the construction threads, since so many coasters never seem to open, and with the parks closed there's no way to get any news either. I never thought I'd see the day when the construction thread for the biggest coaster ever installed at the most visited park at Disney World (most visited park resort in the world!) goes quiet for over four months without an update - never mind eight months, in the case of the biggest coaster ever installed at the second most visited park at Disney World.

I mean, there's that Mission Ferrari coaster whose thread was made in 2014 and it never seems to open (last suggested opening day was May this year - obviously, that didn't happen), but somehow there are fairly prominent coasters at fairly prominent chain parks that are less talked-about than that one. It's been almost a year since we heard anything from the new coasters at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom or La Ronde. Sea World San Diego (which gets more annual visitors than SFMM or Cedar Point) has a brand-spanking-new B&M Dive Machine we haven't heard from since early March, when it was seen testing. Pantheon should be all over everyone's top 10 lists right now, but I almost can't remember when I last heard talk of it - the thread last saw a news update on March 1.

This Covid situation is impacting the industry so strangely. Coasters we thought would be long done just sit there, mostly finished, waiting for things to blow over so they can open. Or they haven't been built at all, and nobody seemed to notice. That's the kind of stuff we expect from the threads about faraway Asian coasters where only Roomraider can dig up news, but not for huge new coasters in the biggest parks in the US.