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Nigloland | Mack BigDipper? | 2027?


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A TV report by French broadcaster TF1 have shown off Nigloland's expansion plans.

Financed over the next 4 years the park hope to add their 1st coaster with inversions of the park, with a budget of 15-16 million €.

With the images from the report and with this parks love for Mack, it looks like it will be a BigDipper or Stryker coaster to me. The trains seem to have 16 seats with 4 rows, in the video it seems to show the coaster will be launched.

Video report skip to 17:20.

While the clips are short it looks like a good coaster, this park is getting one of everything from the Mack catalogue 😅 this should be a great addition to their pretty sweet collection.


Saw news on Coasterfriends: Source
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I love when there's public knowledge about when a park is going to add their next big thing - makes planning trips so much easier. Why worry about going to Nigoland before this opens? :p

A BigDipper (or Stryker, as they're referring to Voltron?) type ride seems like a great fit for the park too.

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Wow, this looks like an amazing addition to this park! Inversions will be a great way to add variation to their selection, and I’d imagine that this will likely usurp Alpina Blitz as the park’s biggest coaster.

It looks like a huge ride for a park of Nigloland’s calibre, particularly seeing as it could be a Stryker Coaster coming only a few years after the premiere installation opens at Europa Park!

On a side note, Nigloland must be one of the parks with the highest proportion of Mack rides aside from Europa Park. With this coaster and numerous other Mack rides within the current selection, they’re almost morphing into a miniature Europa Park!


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What little of the layout I could piece together:
View attachment 25056

Farewell, river cruise ride.
As a regular guest, here are the elements shown in the animation for which I'm 90% sure of their location :


Red: Station
Light blue: Launch + bunny hop
Blue: Elements of the layout : top hat, banana roll followed-up by an double inversion, an airtime, and (maybe) the zero-g-roll which we can also on the left of the launch's animation.
Green : brakes + back to station
Yellow: unknown (we can also see a element in the background of the top hat), should be located between the lake and the train ride

The cruise ride will stay. COO of the park said in the report that an 15m inversion will be located above the lake and the boat. I think that it is the banana roll given where the sequence was shot:

1685471312550.pngKing of Mississippi à Nigloland (Onride) Raddampferfahrt Nigloland King of Mississippi Onride ...jpg
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