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New coaster for Nashville Zoo... Now for sale by Rides 4-U


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Nashville Zoo sent out a survey and one of the questions was on Upcharge attractions,one of the options is a Dueling Vekoma Family Boomerang similar to Tweestryd. If this project goes through, the planned price would be $4 a ride or $12 for an all-day wristband for all attractions (Coaster, Soaring Eagle Zipline, Carousel, and 4D Theatre).


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So, it’s been a helluva long time since we’ve heard of this project, and it seems to be… no more.

Rides 4-U in the US has picked up what is almost certainly the coaster, and now have it available for parks. They’re better known as a used rides trader and SBF Visa’s broker here in North America, so it’s an eye raiser for their catalogue. They have a very effective sales team and uncontested access to a huge market of small parks and FEC’s, so it’s likely to find a home elsewhere, perhaps even in the land of the free.

A duelling family boomerang would be epic for any of these parks, but the same factors that elevate it as a headliner also work against it. You’d be hard pressed to find a smaller park that can warrant that capacity and two sets of coasters to operate/maintain. It’d make more sense if one of the larger parks or chains stepped in to acquire it.

Overall it seems like a big opportunity on the market right now, am curious to see who steps in; https://amusementtoday.com/2024/06/rides-4-u-offering-never-been-used-vekoma-family-coaster/