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New 36 hole mini-golf course for UOR


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Universal Orlando Resort yesterday announced they are to open two 18-hole "state of the art" mini-golf courses in the City Walk complex next year.

One course will be themed to 1950's sci-fi and called Invaders From Planet Putt. The other, Haunting of Ghostly Greens, will be based around vintage horror movies.

Both courses will feature extensive theme, interactive elements, special effects and lighting so budding Tiger Woods can play at night.

Sounds pretty good to me! I do like mini-golf.


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I agree it sounds like it will be fun and we had fun at the one in Southend :)

I look forward to seeing it and I like these type of things.


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Sounds good. I enjoy playing mini-golf.
Want to see some concept art or plans of it though.


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That's a good addition to CityWalk. There are already several clubs and bars, but they need something for families to do as well.

And I do love a good game of mini golf... I'm not too hot at the real thing but I'm a regular Jack Nicklaus on those fake greens :)


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Mini-golf is AMAZING. Mini-golf themed to classic horror and B-Movie Sci-fi? *dies*

I want it, I want it now. And seeing as it's going to be done by Universal you KNOW it's going to be good.

*goes off to see if she can find any concept art etc*


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That sounds absolutely amazing. I wish I get a chance to experience this. I love quirky attractions like this, I just hope what with the obvious funding this is going to have, they go all out with it.


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Mini golf for the winnn! I can see these being such epic courses too, with the way Universal themes everything. Probably the only courses I'd bother trying at an amusement park, because I'm sure they'll be awesome but I don't generally spend extra for golf at parks.

Wish they had some sort of concept art! In due time, I'm sure.


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Bumpity bump. Attractions Magazine have posted recent construction images on their Facebook page.


Looks good. :)


I've been following updates on twitter, it really does look like these courses are gonna be sweet! I'm loving the haunted house they've built!


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^Yeah, it's in Vegas, and will hopefully be open by the time I go, hooray!

I'm loving this, all the horror and B-movie/sci-fi theming <3

TP Rich

Definately looks better than your average Brighton seafront crazy golf course.

Seriously, though, it looks fantastic. I can't say I've ever seen quite as much attention to detail and theming in a mini golf course. Looking forward to seeing this complete. :)