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My RCT2 Project Thread


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Hey guys I havent really posted much here, but I want to show you all some of my RCT stuff. I'm from NE and TPR, but I'm cetaintly not one of the best. I hope you enjoy!...

My first full-size park was called "Timber Valley," which features this Intamin mega-lite as well as...

...a Phantom's Revenge-style Arrow megacoaster, with a 200+ ft. drop into a ravine.

More of the arrow.

Download Timber Valley here: http://www.nedesigns.com/park/1764/timber-valley-amusement-park/

Moving on to a coaster-only park design for a TPR contest, this is the Express...

This screen is unfinished, but the future-finished product placed 2nd in the contest.

Download The Express here: http://www.nedesigns.com/park/1759/the-express/

Here's another design for a TPR contest, earned second again..

Download Alpine Express here: http://www.nedesigns.com/park/1890/alpine-express/

Here's some more miscellaneous stuff:

GCI Woodie in Adventures Amusement park

Gravity Group layout

My most recent project: The Patriot

And one last screen for good mesure, Searing Winds, an I305 inspired Intamin hypercoaster...

Hope you guys like the screens, any and all comments are greatly appreciated!


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Really cool coasters. Wish RCT2 still worked on my laptop. The good news is I can still use RCT3 and No Limits on my laptop. :--D


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I notice that you're very good with coaster layouts, which a lot of people struggle with. Another thing I give you props for is doing a peep friendly park, because for those of us that play the game, we know how difficult that can be and personally I don't do it often since the peeps get in the way. The queues could be covered a tad more but other than that I think you've done well. Also try to cover the entrance and exit buildings, or even get the cheat that sinks them.