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Music that reminds you of Theme Parks


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Be it pop music used as ride music or just on the radio on route to the park, is there any non-theme park music that reminds you of coasters and/or theme parks in general? This can include ride music used on a different ride and/or park than intended.

For me, my best example for this would be Are You Ready by Disturbed:


On my first (and only) visit to Hersheypark, this came on the radio as we entered the carpark. With Skyrush in my sights, I was very much ready! Definitely added to my excitement for the day.


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This song was used on a Mini game that used to be Towerstimes.com based on The Flume at Alton Towers, to me it is the "true" soundtrack of that ride.

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YES! I remember that :D

Open theme park gates waiting for
Riding the day, every day into sunset
Finding the way back home



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This childhood holiday park banger heard at every show also played on the bus on my trip to Fantasy Island. This was playing as Odyssey came into view, and it was also playing on the way back when Odyssey left my view. Gives off (very) vivid memories, even if it was only recently.


This song (from the Burnout Dominator OST) was on repeat for the majority of the way home from my trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Southport Pleasureland back in 2018. Though the lyrics suggest a bad holiday, in fact this might be one of my favourite holidays of all time. It's a banger song anyway and it was (somehow) the only song I had downloaded on my phone.


First hearing it on Thrillville: Off the Rails, this song was something I didn't really associate with real life theme parks until recently. When Thorpe Park announced their ParkVibes event, this song instantly came into mind - I think it's because it sounds similar to ParkLife - and it's in my head every time I'm on a trip back to the Island.



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Oxygene Part 4 by Jean Michel Jarre.

This brings up numerous memories of being at my home park Frontierland (and also Blackpool Pleasure Beach) in the mid 90's as a kid.
Oxygene was used on those claw grabber arcade machines at the parks, so it oozed into my subconscious from an early age.

York - On The Beach

Similarly, this song reminds me of BPB in the early 00's.
I remember it echoing around the park one hot summer whilst I was sat at the top of Spin Doctor waiting to come down. I recall looking down at the park and the crowds, and every time I've heard it since, this mental image crops up.


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Agreed on Oxygene (I was on a carpark yesterday, singing 'Where the hell's my car?' to that tune) - though not in the same league as the Kentucky Derby song :D


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Republica's Ready to Go.
Used as station music on Top Thrill Dragster, but by pure chance it came on the radio as me and @DelPiero were actually driving to Cedar Point.
"I'm sure this is used on a ride somewhere" he said.
"OMG it's Top Thrill Dragster" he cried when the penny finally dropped. This was literally as we passed the sign for Sandusky! Talk about timing.

And also... Chooon! 😁


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MATE!!!! What an absolute Goliath belter!!! Completely forgot about this. I get so goddamn pumped up when he’s like “OK we gunna go FASTER 👀” it’s like ooooOooooOooo **** it’s about to kick off.

Also when he says “SUPERMAN” there is a chorus of “OOoooHhh!” and I like to think they are going “OH NO HE DIDN’T!!”


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The station music for Millennium Force basically consists of a particular arpeggiation of a minor7 chord played by a synth. #MusicTheoryNerd.

For the past 21 years, every time I hear a synth play a minor7 arpeggio I get nostalgic feelings about CP. #RollerCoasterNerd

With this post I feel like I may have arrived at #PeakNerd

Y. Kim

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One ride music in Planet Coaster is used for home park's coaster queue music. I found it familiar.


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Quite a few:

Diana Ross: Upside down = The Smiler
Snow patrol: The lightning strike = Oblivion
Noel Gallagher: Everybody's on the run = The Swarm
Dua Lipa: Levitating = Galactica


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Somehow whenever I walk into the Twisted Timbers plaza this song specifically is always playing from the 50’s playlist they have:

Now I always think of that view of the drop when I hear that song