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Mszczonow, Poland | Park of Poland | Suntago Water Park + Theme Park


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This is from Global City Holdings web page

Global City Holdings is developing Park of Poland, the first large scale entertainment park in Poland and in the CEE. Park of Poland is the priority project for the Company that will create a new industry in Poland.

The Company's goal is to entertain millions of customers from Poland and other CEE and Western Europe countries, in the park offering world-class attractions ranging from most-thrilling to classical facilities. Park of Poland will offer all types of entertainment for all age groups and in part it will operate on an round-year basis.

Park of Poland will be located near Mszczonów, 60 km south from Warsaw between A2 highway and S8 express road. The Company owns a large plot of land to develop the full scale entertainment park.

In the first stage of the Park of Poland the Company will develop Suntago Water World together with Unternehmensgruppe WUND as strategic partner responsible for all Knowhow and guidance.

The UnternehmensgruppeWund is operating four big aquaparks in Germany, topped with ThermeErding, where it offers the largest Europe's indoor swimming pool with removable roof. ThermeErding will be a master project for Suntago Water World in Mszczonów Municipality.

The Aquapark will be developed on a plot of 20 ha. Suntago Water World will appeal to people of all ages and to clients looking for different facilities. Suntago Water World will consist of 3 different thematic zones:

Saunaria – over 10 themed saunas are planned along with private massage rooms, tanning facilities and mineral health pools.

Relax – guests will have the opportunity to relax in the surrounding of 700 real palm trees and swim in over 1000 sqm of indoor and outdoor pools adjacent to a 20 000 sqm outdoor garden opened on sunny days.

Jamango Water Jungle – over 3.2 km long water slides, including the longest indoor one (320 m) in Europe, will be built. Apart from that, children, adults and parents will be able to enjoy and compete on 30 various water slides, wave pool, lazy and crazy rivers. For parents with children the park planned a water playground for kids.

Global Parks Poland is an official member of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), an international organization which represents more than 5,000 facilities from around the world. We are very proud that we can join this group of professionals from the entertainment industry. As a member of IAAPA, Global Parks Poland will maintain the highest standards observed in the entertainment industry, among others standards pertinent to safety and customer service.

Suntago Water World is Phase 1 of a much larger project name Park of Poland. It's under construction ( you can check updates on their Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/parkofpoland/ ). First Phase will cost around 150 milion Euro. Second Phase was changed lately, because Theme Park was suppose to start building before Suntago opening, but now they plan to start building a Hotel + conference center that will be open in 2020. As for Theme Park we don't know much a this point, although we have some interesting rumours that we will need to wait for confirmation. We know that the whole Park of Poland project will cost more than 750 milion euro.

Here is the official website - https://parkofpoland.com/en/
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By the way, may I ask how you pronounce the name of the place this park is built in? Never heard of a word that starts with five consonants before.


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More like Msh-cho-nov.
Actually the real localization is in a village Wrecza, but everyone will likely call it after nearby town.

There are some rumours that they will reveal their Theme Park plans during summer 2019 and that they have some interesting big name licences for it. But let's wait for some confirmations first because let's keep expectations in check for now.