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Movie Park Germany | Movie Park Studio Tour | Intamin Multi Dimension Coaster | 2021


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Its family roller coaster, not a problem and could even be a great thing, but needs noting in case overly exited minds get carried away.

Still very pleased to know its a roller coaster as it could just have one of the many other offerings Intamin have in their repertoire. And lately they have been very impressive with new designs.


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That sounds really fun - so it's basically another Gringotts? I'm game.

Key facts:

  • Two acceleration sections forwards and backwards
  • 360-degree rotating platform
  • Numerous multimedia effects
  • 60 km/h (37mph)
  • 532 meter long
  • The roller coaster only sees the light of day for a short time and leads the guests in a wide arc around the entrance area, before new exciting moments await inside
  • With three trains and 12 seats per train, the theoretical capacity of the new attraction will be 900 people per hour. (one for Crash)
  • Large screens, plasma screens, sound effects and wind machines, integrated into Hollywood-style backdrops, ensure an immersive experience and immerse the visitor directly into a new world
  • The trains have on-board sound, which means that music and noises can be heard even more intensely
  • The first rail and track elements will be delivered from the end of October and construction work will begin in the large hall
Sounds great fun!
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Here's the product page of the Multi Dimension Coaster at Intamin's page. They list Darkmare and Th13teen but show an image of Escape from Gringotts, as well. A single wagon of that has 12 seats. As the coaster at Movie Park will feature a 360° turntable and a focus on multi media content I think it might feature this configuration.
Yeah, those trains were Premier, though. They could be working with them again, for all we know?


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Oh damn! I did not expect that at all tbh, but it sounds great.

At 537m it's perhaps on the shorter side for a coaster, given it's got multiple launches too. The way it's described, I'm setting my expectation to something more like a dark ride with coaster sections. A Movie Park Germany take on Gringotts if you will, which has the potential to be fantastic imo.

I honestly have a soft spot for Movie Park, and this is a great investment in general. It's been a great few years for the park, and with the quality of their other recent investments, I think this will be another sleeper hit of an attraction!


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This is exciting, really interesting to see how Movie Park pull off this type of attraction. They've been doing some great things recently and this sounds like it'll be a great addition to their line up.

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The high reception of Van Helsing’s Factory makes me optimistic that this could be something quite special in terms of an overall experience, and with Intamin at the helm, I’m sure the ride hardware will be top-notch too! So it’s a huge thumbs up from me!

Also, I’m not necessarily sure it’ll end up being a Nickelodeon IP, as isn’t this replacing a boat ride themed to Ice Age, which definitely isn’t a Nickelodeon IP?


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Well clearing work started for this before the crisis and likely contracts already signed and manufacturing begun. How much investment they can do after this will be the true test of the impact of the crisis on them.

Park management have ruled out RMC Bandit as they do not wish to cater to the thrill market, they are a family park.


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I think the German market in comparison to the rest of the world managed to pull it back fairly quickly, and have had a relatively good summer by the looks of it in comparison. I think this is a wise investment, and I have no doubt that they will do a good job on the theming, as they've done some great stuff over the past few years.

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I’m not sure the difference between Star Trek and Icon is as pronounced as some might expect; I know of some people from TowersStreet who went to the park recently, and they were split on which they preferred; some preferred Star Trek, while others preferred Icon, with both apparently being fairly close to one another in ride quality.

But my point is; a Mack launch coaster of the size that Star Trek is would surely be considered a thrill ride under most metrics?